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; Ability Cards
; Ability Cards
*'''Luster Drain''':
*'''Luster Drain'''
*'''Deep Descent''':
*'''Deep Descent'''
*'''Slam League''':
*'''Slam League'''
*'''Zap Screen''':
*'''Zap Screen'''
*'''Abyss Blade''':
*'''Abyss Blade'''
*'''Matter Shield''':
*'''Matter Shield'''
*'''Keep Saver''':
*'''Keep Saver'''
*'''Slash Boomerang''':
*'''Slash Boomerang'''

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Roxtor, I've got a battle to fight. You can't be filling my head with your gibberish right now!
Radizen, Evil Arrival

Radizen is a BakuFusion Bakugan. When combined with Roxtor, he creates Betakor. He is Marucho's new Guardian Bakugan. His Bakugan Battle Suits are Blasterate and Clawbruk.



An ancient bird-like warrior, Radizen transforms by extending his vertical wings to pounce on opponents when they least expect it. His metal sharp horn shoots bullets of energy to tear through his enemies' armor. Radizen fuses with Roxtor to become the mighty Betakor.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Radizen made his debut in Evil Arrival as Marucho's new partner. He battled against Gunz's Reptak and lost. He then battled Coredegon and his Mechtogan, losing again.

In Wiseman Cometh, it is revealed that he is not compatible with Dragonoid Destroyer, so Mira gave him Blasterate.

In Combination Impossible, He is upset that Jaakor and Drago are the only ones able to combine. He asks Mira for help but their wasn't anything she could do. He would then take a trip with Marucho to one of his dad's powerplants and soon they are confronted by Wiseman. Radizen was able to hold his own against the two of his bakugan until they combined. He would then combine with Mira's Bakugan and was able to defeat them.

Ability Cards
  • Luster Drain
  • Deep Descent
  • Slam League
  • Zap Screen
  • Abyss Blade
  • Matter Shield
  • Keep Saver
  • Slash Boomerang


The Ventus version has 810 Gs, the Pyrus version has 1100 Gs, and the Aquos version has 850 Gs.


  • Its ball form looks somewhat like Storm Skyress.
  • It bears a slight resemblance to Raptorix.
  • Its head's shape is similar to that of Hawktor except it has a fin on top.
  • Its ball form looks like Hawktor's.
  • His wings open like Helix Dragonoid's.
  • He is the first BakuFusion Bakugan to appear in the anime. However, in the anime, when he was first rolled into battle by Marucho, Marucho said "Baku Sky Raider, Jump!".
    • Also, when Marucho said this, Radizen did not jump in the air. This is probably because he is a BakuFusion Bakugan.
  • When Marucho activates Luster Drain, Radizen throws the ball of water the same way Julie throws her Bakugan (mainly Gorem) in Season 1.
  • In the anime, its real form resembles a bit of a kappa; a water spirit of Japanese folklore.
  • Radizen is the only one of Marucho's partners who dosen't move his mouth while talking.




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