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Quake Dragonoid is a Super Assault Bakugan and a Special Evolution Bakugan.



Quake Dragonoid moves around the environment with a slow steady caution, but always packs a powerful punch when attacking. It exhales a super intense fire blast to melt and destroy any opponent. Quake Dragonoid starts avalanches by sending shockwaves with a single mighty punch to the ground.

Physical Game

Quake Dragonoid's gimmick of rumbling upon standing is activated by winding up a gear on its side. It spins slowly in a quarter circle. The Pyrus version has 1000 Gs. The Darkus Version has 950 Gs. The Aquos version has 940 Gs, the Haos version has 960 Gs or 1000 Gs, the Ventus version has 950 Gs or 1000 Gs and the Subterra version has 970 Gs.

Attribute G-Power(s)
Pyrus.svg Pyrus: 1000 Gs
Aquos.svg Aquos: 940 Gs
Subterra.svg Subterra: 970 Gs
Haos.svg Haos: 960 Gs or 1000 Gs
Darkus.svg Darkus: 950 Gs
Ventus.svg Ventus: 950 Gs
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Reference Card
  • EVOLVES FROM: Any Drago under 650 Gs.
  • Unique: You may re-roll Quake Dragonoid once per turn.


  • Quake Dragonoids on Bakugan Dimensions had additional life and a substantially large amount of Strength.
  • Quake Dragonoid is the only Special Evolution Bakugan who can be evolved from a Bakugan not included in the Gundalian Invaders product line, as its Reference Card states that any variation of Dragonoid can be exchanged for it.
  • On Bakugan Dimensions, Quake Dragonoid's face resembles the design of a Chinese dragon.