Pyravian is a phoenix-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. In the anime, she is an Aurelus Bakugan, and the very first Aurelus Bakugan to be seen.



She is a mysterious Aurelus Bakugan and will do whatever it takes to protect Vestroia’s precious Power Core. Pyravian has no human partner and is able to fly great distances. She understands the magnitude of the forces working against the Bakugan. She strives to protect all and is willing to risk her own safety to ensure their future. She is also part of the Bakugan Council.


Bakugan Battle Planet

Pyravian first appeared in Rubbed the Wrong Way, where she presented herself to Lia Venegas and her Bakugan; Gorthion and Pegatrix; and asking for Lia's help due to the contamination of the Bakugan.

She appears again in Midsummer Nightmare in the dreams of Dragonoid and the other AO Bakugan, putting them into a deep sleep in order to save them from a shadowy shape-shifting Bakugan.

Pyravian is seen hiding behind the rocks watching The Awesome Ones in Maze Daze.

Physical Game

Ability Cards

  • Pyravian Laser
  • Aurelus Restore: Restores Pyravian's health and power.
  • Phoenix Fire
  • Aurelus Arrow
  • Vestroia Gate: Pyravian can reveal an opponent's location by defying the laws of physics.
  • Flare Arrow:



  • Pyravian is responsible for the Great Collision, and, by extension, the arrival of Bakugan on Earth.
  • When Bakugan are asleep, they tend to sleepwalk after Pyravian whenever she appears.
  • Pyravian is the first Aurelus Bakugan to appear in the anime.
  • A second giant bird-like Bakugan after Skyress.
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