Professor Trecov is a character in Bakugan: Battle Trainer. His true identity is Vector, the main villain of the game.


Trecov first appears after Dan Kuso clears the tutorials with Runo Misaki and Shun Kazami. Dan asks why he's training Bakugan and demands to know where Drago is, prompting Trecov to appear. Initially surprised by the man's appearance, Marucho then asks Dan if he remembers Trecov, though Dan does not. Trecov decides to explain everything from the beginning: A month prior, a huge planetoid appeared above Earth, sending a strange light that sucked up all the Bakugan from Earth. In response to that, Trecov developed a device that can send Dan to the Dark Star to free the Bakugan; however, only Dan can use it.

After Dan arrives on the Dark Star, Trecov confirms that he has arrived before handing over the directions for Marucho to handle. Once Dan defeats Aurock the first time, Trecov once again contacts Dan to check on his status. Upon hearing that Dan defeated Aurock and rescued a Bakugan, Trecov expresses how impressed he was with the Bakugan Brawlers. He then calls Dan back to continue his training. After Dan's third victory against Aurock, Trecov appears to ask Dan if there is a status report for him. Upon hearing the news of Drago's return, Trecov congratulates Dan for having such a powerful Bakugan on his side.


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