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Philomena Dusk is a character that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. She is the older sister of Benton Dusk.



Philomena is Benton Dusk's older, meaner, & smarter sister. After Benton had serious falling out with his father, Philomena took up the mantle of Chief Officer of the Dusk business empire & took it to every corner of the planet. Ruthless & pragmatic, Philomena has no love for her wayward brother Benton. If anything, she would relish taking him completely out of the picture. With an intimate knowledge of the Bakugan phenomenon, Philomena has spent a fortune attempting to unlock their secrets & bring their vast potential to bear for AAAnimus Inc.


Intially, Philomena was a cold, cunning, callous, manipulative, overbearing and aloof lady. She normally just look down on the Awesome Ones and even Magnus he was in AAAnimus Inc.

Philomena possesses a simliar of intelligence as Benton Dusk, maybe even a bit more.

She also has great hostility against her younger brother, Benton Dusk and thinking that everything Benton had belonged to her.

However after the event when Magnus was freed from Tiko, she began to become less aloof and arrogant and has become nicer and more friendly. Even willing to help save her brother from Tiko's influence.


Bakugan Battle Planet



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
The Awesome Ones 52 Lose
Magnus Black 72 No Outcome



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