Phaedrus (パイドロス, Paidorosu?) is a Chinese dragon-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet & becomes one of Lightning's new Darkus Bakugan.

It was first seen on a poster at the Bakugan Sneak Peek showcasing various Ventus Bakugan.



A gentle and wise creature with incredible strength, Phaedrus is a perfect balance to Lighting’s other Bakugan, Howlkor. In battle, she is highly intuitive and strategic. When she’s deployed, Lightning rides into battle on her back. The two are perfectly compatible friends and share a mutual respect for one another.




Bakugan Battle Planet

Venton introduced Phaedrus to the Awesome Ones in need of her help finding her lost friends in the maze. Lightning became her ally and one of his new Bakugan.

She first appears in Stratified seeking the help of The Awesome Ones in order to save her friends who are trapped in "The Maze" and later becomes the third partner Bakugan of Lightning.

The Awesome Ones meet with Benton Dusk and are introduced to Phaedrus. She asks the AO for help to rescue her friends who were captured by Strata the Hunter in a mysterious labyrinth, dubbed The Maze. She travels with Lightning alongside the other members of the AO in a mission to free her friends.

Phaedrus rescues her friends and they return to Benton Dusk, but the other members of the AO (sans Lightning) are attacked by Strata and his Krakelios and fall into a hole, becoming trapped in the maze.

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Physical Game

Ability Cards

  • Thunder Bolt:
  • Darkus Wave:
  • Chaos Maximus:
  • Thunder Storm:



  • She can translate and understand Lightning's barks, just like Artulean.


  • With her green highlights and dragonlike physique, Phaedrus bears a slight resemblance to Dharak
  • Phaedrus Ultra is the only Bakugan released to have a form exclusively released as a Diamond, as its Darkus variant was never released.


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