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Orehammer (オーハンマー?) is Vertexx's BakuNano.



When unlocked, Orehammer reveals a hidden arsenal of deadly tracking missiles capable of tracking opponents from hundreds of miles away.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

It made its first appearance in Mind Search, where Vertexx used it. It was later defeated by Taylean.

In A Hero Returns, it was used by Vertexx to battle Drago. In the end, Drago was defeated by the six consecutive attacks that Orehammer and the other BakuNanos launched.


  • Orehammer's Bakugan form somewhat resembles the cannons of Deezall.
  • When Orehammer is equipped with Vertexx in ball form, it attaches to his bottom pair of arms, but in Bakugan Form he holds them with his top pair of arms.
  • In the anime, Vertexx is actually equipped with two Orehammers.
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