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One Way or Another is the seventy-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.



The Awesome Ones are on trial for "injuring" Lord Brakken, Lia tells her friends that it wasn't her fault and Brakken was acting weird and hurt himself. The AO are in a tough spot, their Bakugan was taken away and they cannot reach the Baku-Up Machine.

The Awesome Ones transform into lawyers to defend themselves, but they are unable to deal with Brakken and the judge due to the influence of the Baku-Up Machine; Each member of the AO continues to get their prison time increased by the judge for reasons like insulting the judge, wasting time, and stepping on the kings shadow. Drago, Trox, and Pegatrix try to figure out a way to escape, so Pegatrix attempts and manages to squeeze through the bars. The Baku-Up Machine starts to overload, causing the audience and Lord Brakken to laugh and be positive. Grom unlocks the cage while everyone is distracted, but Brakken arrives with Zentaur; Thankfully, Pegatrix comes to aid Lia and she destroys the machine.

Thanks to Lia and Pegatrix, the machine is destroyed, Brakken and the civilians are back to their normal selves, Brakken starts to react to Lia again. Brakken apologizes for his actions, but Lia tells him that he has gotten stronger than their last visit. With the machine destroyed, the AO save the day again, but Pyravian flies past them and looks at them suspiciously. Back with Benton, Trhyno has become imprisoned and is still infected by the V Virus.

Featured Brawls

  • Lia Venegas (Pegatrix) vs. Brakken (Zentaur) = No outcome, Pegatrix destroys Baku-Up Machine

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