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Old Vestroia is the original form of the dimension known as Vestroia, and was the home of the Bakugan.


Vestroia was once a single spherical planet (this is actually Wonder Revolution in the Japanese version) that originated in the emptiness of the dimension Vestroia. It is unknown exactly how, but soon after a strange object traveled to Vestroia, a chain reaction on the planet created life. It was a colorful planet that boasts crystal lakes, sunny days, rock formations, and green fields.

The Original Bakugan

The first two original Bakugan were called Genesis Dragonoid and Dharaknoid. After several centuries of adaptation, the creatures on Vestroia had obtained vast knowledge of their dimension. One day, a burst of positive energy out of nowhere hit the planet, giving the creatures separate attributes of Pyrus, Aquos, Ventus, Subterra, Haos, and Darkus.


The destruction of Old Vestroia came when a large group of Gargonoids decided to start war among the Bakugan for reasons unknown. The war spread and various Bakugan tried to stop it, but they were either slaughtered or taken to be used as practice targets for the Gargonoids. Eventually a group of Bakugan, one of each attribute, split the world into six separate worlds, based on the attributes of the Bakugan. The Bakugan, who saved Vestroia went on to be known as “The Six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia”. Their names were as follows: Apollonir (Pyrus), Exedra (Darkus), Oberus (Ventus), Lars Lion (Haos), Frosch (Aquos), and Clayf (Subterra). The Soldiers captured all the negative power in the dimension and used their positive energy to help keep the negative energy in check. This resulted in the formation of the Infinity Core and the Silent Core. While their actions saved Vestroia, the Legendary Soldiers used the last of their energy and ended up in the Doom Dimension for doing so. However, they could still appear at any time in the dimension of Vestroia.