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A Normal Card is the most basic of all the Gateway cards and is an absolute necessity for Battle. It contains six G-Power Boosts. Each one has a specific boost depending on the Planet your Bakugan Warrior is from. An HSP score is also located at the bottom of these cards. It will be used to determine the overall winner at the end of the Battle.[1]

Example cards (series 1)
# Name Type HSP Pyrus Aquos Haos Darkus Subterra Ventus Text Serial
Normal #1 Normal 350 0 50 100 -50 -50 50 BA100-NO-SM
Normal #2 Normal 350 -150 200 -200 150 -150 150
Peace Maker Command ? 200 100 -50 300 150 0 All Bakugan have their printed G-Power reduced to zero.


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