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New World Orders is the fifty-fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


The AO discover a small group of kids and Bakugan being used as laborers against their will, but freeing them is only half the problem.


Featured Brawls

  • Dan Kouzo (Kelion) vs. Group of Goons = Dan and Kelion win
  • Dan Kouzo (Kelion) vs. 2 Thugs (Grizzly Bear and Boxing Bakugan) = Dan and Kelion win

Characters Debut

Characters Seen

Bakugan Debut

Bakugan Seen

  • Kelion
  • Turtonium
  • Miscellaneous Bakugan: Grizzly Bear and Boxing Bakugan
  • Dragonoid (closed ball)
  • Cyndeous (closed ball)