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Neo Dragonoid Vortex is a Special Attack Bakugan and a variation of Dragonoid. It has the ability to spin, when placed on a Gate Card like in the Anime.



It has multi-wings and can change its body color, to blend into the background it's in. Neo Dragonoid Vortex has diamonds, along his body to blind the opponents that he faces.


A Deka Neo Dragonoid Vortex has also been released. The Pyrus version has 650 Gs (Unlike Neo Dragonoid, with 550 Gs). The Aquos version has 640 Gs. The Darkus version has 640 Gs.The Subterra version has 640 Gs.

In Japan, the Pyrus version in BSP-01 comes with 420 Gs, 440 Gs, or 460 Gs.


  • Even though it was released as a Special Attack, which is non-canon, it functions the same as Neo Dragonoid in the anime.
  • It is a normal Neo Dragonoid in every way, except that it can spin, unlike the normal one. This makes it more anime accurate.