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Mystic Chancer is a ninja-like Super Assault Bakugan that has a square G-Power Die.



Mystic Chancer is a dice throwing Bakugan. It uses a quarterstaff to thwart enemy attacks. A three-pronged tail helps it battle two attackers at the same time. Metal shields protect its chest and legs from harm.

Physical Game

It was released in May/June alongside Raptorix, Splight, Merlix, and Glotronoid. Its Ventus version has 850/750/500/450/400/300 Gs and its Haos version has 500/600/650/700/750 Gs. It has also been released in Subterra, Pyrus and Darkus.


  • On Bakugan Dimensions, Mystic Chancer's attack style resembles a move in Shobukan Karate.
  • It was originally believed that Mystic Chancer would be the evolution of Akwimos in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. But, this was proven wrong due to him never evolving.
  • Its ball form is nearly identical to Mystic Elico, another dice-throwing Bakugan.