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Well, this is interesting.
—-Mutant Taylean after fusing with Drago

Mutant Taylean is a BakuMutant variation of Taylean in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.



A Bakugan with a strong sense of instinctive battling knowledge. With strengthened shoulder and impenetrable armor protecting his head, Mutant Taylean defends against attacks as he prepares for his next move.

Sfx animation MutantTaylean win

Mutant Taylean's Victory Scream on Dimensions.


He made his debut in Dark Moon, when Titanium Dragonoid, Infinity Helios, and Taylean came together and formed three mutant forms to defeat the Razen Titan clones.

Ability Cards
  • Kazami Style - Slash Tornado + Dragon Force Striker (Ventus/Pyrus)

Physical Game

It is a BakuMutant, which will allow it to swap parts with other BakuMutant Bakugan. A Ventus top has 650 Gs, 750 Gs, and 600 Gs, a Darkus top has 750 Gs and 700 Gs, a Subterra top has 660 Gs and 560 Gs, an Aquos top has 760 Gs, a Pyrus top has 650 Gs and 710 Gs, and a Haos top has 800 Gs. A Ventus Bottom has 170 Gs and 230 Gs, a Darkus bottom has 180 Gs and 150 Gs, a Subterra bottom has 210 Gs and 170 Gs, 220 Gs and 140 Gs, an Aquos bottom has 190 Gs and 140 Gs, a Haos bottom has 190 Gs and 130 Gs, and a Pyrus bottom has 200 Gs and 130 Gs.


  • His opened ball form is similar to Linehalt's.
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