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How am I supposed to fight with these stick legs?
Mutant Helios after fusing with Taylean, Dark Moon

Mutant Helios is a BakuMutant variation of Infinity Helios in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.


He appeared for the first time in Interspace Armageddon, when Titanium Dragonoid and Infinity Helios mutated together. He and Mercury Dragonoid defeat Venexus Titan and several Dreadeon clones.

He also appeared in Dark Moon, where he mutated with Taylean and Titanium Dragonoid. He defeats a Ventus Razen Titan with ease.

Ability Cards

  • Destroy Quasar + Dragon Force Striker (Darkus/Pyrus)
  • Ragnarok Buster (Darkus)
  • Warfare + Slash Hyper - Sword Storm (Darkus/Ventus)

Physical Game

Mutant Helios was released in the Baku Lava Storm series alongside Horridian, Spyron, and Mutant Krakenoid. The Ventus Baku Lava Storm version has 900 Gs + 120 Gs and 140 Gs. It has been confirmed in Aquos. A BakuPhantom Pyrus version has 800 Gs. Mutant Helios can also be found in a BakuTrinity set as a Baku Cyclone Strike in Haos which has 920 Gs + 100 Gs and 140 Gs.