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Moskeeto is a mosquito-like Bakugan.



Moskeeto is a bug-like Bakugan that has amazing vision. It has four wings and is extremely light so it can move quickly making it hard to catch. The stinger is compact, but very deadly. Moskeeto uses its front claws to attack its prey and eliminates them with a mighty front spear poking out of its head. Lethal barbs protect its body.

Physical Game[]

Moskeeto was released in several Special Treatment versions: BakuCore, BakuCrystal, BakuFlip, BakuLyte, BakuNeon, and BakuSteel.

Darkus versions come in variations of 520 Gs through 740 Gs; Haos versions come in 670 Gs, 720 Gs, and 740 Gs, a Pyrus BakuNeon comes in 520 Gs and 740 Gs, Ventus BakuNeon versions come in 700 Gs and 740 Gs and BakuCrystal comes in 650 Gs and 670 Gs.