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Monarus (Japanese version Fairy (フェアリー, Fearī?)) is a butterfly-like Bakugan.


Monarus is a Bakugan that resembles a butterfly. It is one of the fastest Bakugan thanks to its large wings and ultra-lightweight. It has the ability to fly beyond Gate Cards. Its enormous butterfly wings create a mighty hurricane wind to defeat opponents.

Bakugan Official Handbook

Don't let the pretty Monarus fool you. Just because this Bakugan resembles a butterfly with its beautiful wings doesn't mean it can't do real damage in a brawl.

Bakugan Ultimate Handbook

This Bakugan looks like a beautiful butterfly, but don't be fooled by its good looks. When it flaps its wings, it can create a mighty hurricane wind to blow its opponents away! Lightweight Monarus is a super-fast flyer, and it can soar right over a Gate card to escape its effects.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Shun uses a Ventus Monarus several times in the series; in its first appearance, Monarus fought and saved Drago from being sent to the Doom Dimension.[1] Later, it once again saves a Bakugan from being sent to the Doom Dimension, this time Gorem.[2] In Shun's battle against Komba, it defeats Harpus and El Condor with Blow Away.[3] Shun later uses it against Oberus' illusory young Shiori, but it was defeated by Bee Striker.[4]

When Runo decided to quit playing Bakugan, a Haos Monarus can be seen in her basket of Bakugan.[5]

A Ventus Monarus was seen with Harpus trying to fend off Tayghen.[6]

Ability Cards

  • Scarlet Twister (Crimson Twister): Monarus can send any Bakugan on the field back to its owner, but if it does so to save a Bakugan from defeat, Monarus is in turn eliminated. (Standard Ventus Ability)
  • Air Battle: Monarus can fly beyond Gate Cards and nullifies the Gate Cards that it lands on. (Standard Ventus Ability)
  • Blow Away: Moves the opponent to another Gate Card. (Standard Ventus Ability)
  • Backdraft: Removes Monarus or the opponent Bakugan from the current brawl. (Ventus)

Physical Game


Attribute G-Power(s)
Pyrus Pyrus: 470 Gs (Pearl), 700 Gs
Aquos Aquos: 570 Gs
Subterra Subterra: N/A
Haos Haos: 590 Gs
Darkus Darkus: N/A
Ventus Ventus: 200 Gs (Japan), 380 Gs (Japan), 440 Gs (Pearl), 560 Gs, 640 Gs (Pearl)
Clear PhantomDharak Closed Clear: N/A

North America

Monarus was released in the BakuClear/BakuPearl series, in all Attributes, except Darkus and in Pearl as Pyrus, Ventus, and Subterra.


In Japan, its Ventus version in BCV-07 comes with 200 Gs or 380 Gs.

Video Games

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Monarus is available in Pyrus, Ventus, and Haos. Chan Lee and Dan use a Pyrus Monarus, Runo and Julio both have Haos Monarus, and Shun and Komba both have Ventus Monarus. Monarus starts with 300 Gs when purchased, making it the second strongest non-Guardian Bakugan in the video game, the first being Laserman with 320 Gs.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle Trainer

Monarus is available in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle Trainer. Ventus Monarus is unlocked after beating Arena 15.


  • Its name and appearance are based on the Monarch Butterfly.
  • There are a variety of things about Monarus that change, such as, the ovals on the back of its wings sometimes vanish, they are also sometimes diamond-shaped, also the yellow is sometimes close together, or spread out, its head is sometimes smaller, sometimes one of its eyes is bigger than the other, and a few other things.
  • In the DS version of the Video Game, a Pyrus Monarus is orange with red on the top screen, but it is red with orange on the touch screen, a Haos Monarus has a bit of an inverted color scheme and a Ventus Monarus appears normal, probably because it is Ventus in the anime.
  • In the anime, Ventus Monarus has red eyes, but while in the game, it has yellow eyes.
  • Monarus and Ravenoid are the only two minor Bakugan from season 1 that have an game exclusive evolution in season 2.
  • Monarus' rising battle cry in the Wii video game sounds like something Sirenoid might make.
  • Monarus is the only Bakugan that Shun possessed along with Skyress to not lose a battle and be sent to the Doom Dimension.


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