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Mira Fermin (ミラ・フェルミン, Mira Ferumin?)[2] is the 16-year-old Vestal leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance and a Subterra brawler. Magma Wilda is her Guardian Bakugan and she uses Baliton as her Trap Bakugan.

She was the daughter of Clay Fermin and is the younger sister of Spectra Phantom (real name Keith Fermin). When she first played Bakugan, she thought of them as just unintelligent creatures. That was until she witnessed Alpha Hydranoid, while being tortured, speak out in vengeance. It was then that she realized that Bakugan were alive, so she formed the Resistance with Baron Leltoy and Ace Grit.

She is one of the main characters in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia and a supporting character in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.


Mira's height makes her look young, though she is 16 years old. She has short orange hair, a large bust, wears a small silver jacket, white gloves, blue earrings, has sapphire blue eyes, and wears a rouge jumpsuit with uneven sized boots and leggings. She sometimes wears a yellow helmet with her matching motorcycle and a locket with a picture of her brother inside.

In Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, Mira wears a white track jacket with blue stripes over a blue dress, as well as a black collar. Her hair is slightly longer and she wears lipstick.


Mira's personality can be described as a stubborn tomboy, much like Runo Misaki. Mira has shown that she could act girly, when she fooled some guards by acting like a crazed fan girl while she, Baron Leltoy, Dan Kuso, and Marucho Marukura were looking for the Dimension Controller in Alpha City. She could also be flirty when she wanted to be as shown the day she saw Alpha Hydranoid being tortured when she flirted with the guards at her father's lab.

She will do anything to get her brother back, even if it means going off on her own and getting in danger. It is because of her desire to find her brother that she gets into fights with Ace a lot, like Dan and Runo do.

As the Resistance's leader, Mira always tries to get the team moving. She's the one who pushes Baron to battle strong and also attempts to get things straightened out.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Mira in Bakugan: New Vestroia

Mira, a 16-year-old Vestal girl, formed the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance, after witnessing the tortured Alpha Hydranoid speak out in vengeance to the invaders, to free all the captured Bakugan from Prince Hydron and the Vexos. She also has a brother that she desperately wants to find after he disappeared during Hydranoid's rebellion. Although she is the leader, she is not necessarily accepted by the others, as she has a small tendency to go off on her own. She prefers the Subterra attribute. Her main Bakugan is Subterra Magma Wilda and her Trap Bakugan is Baliton.

In the first episode, Baron reported to her that he lost Blade Tigrerra to Spectra, Mira told him to get rest then Ace tells her how Drago bought two humans to New Vestroia. Later on Lync Volan, and Volt Luster ambushed her, Dan Kuso, and Marucho Marukura and challenged her and Dan to a brawl. At first she had the upper hand, until Volt immobilized Wilda. With the help of Dan and Drago, they won the brawl with Dan winning Freezer and Atmos. Mira then offered them to join the Resistance, which they accepted telling Dan and Marucho about the history of New Vestroia and how the Vexos took over. She takes them back to their base to introduce them to Ace Grit and Baron Leltoy; while Baron was excited to meet the famous Battle Brawlers, Ace was less than pleased. Dan and Ace battled which ended in a tie. Later she helps Baron gain confidence in his match with Shadow Prove by telling him he has nothing to fear. Baron wins and takes 3 of Shadows Bakugan. When Dan battles Baron Mira is the one to end it. When Marucho goes missing she goes and searches for him and when a masked person defeated Mylene Farrow (revealed to be Shun) she thought that he was her brother. Later she gives Dan a trap Bakugan named Scorpion and then tells Dan that Gus Grav is the number 2 Vexos when the latter battles Dan. After Dan loses Mira tries to cheer him up only to learn he was not upset. On the way to Alpha city, she and Ace argue: Mira wants to postpone the assault of the Alpha Dimension Controller to look for her brother, and Ace fears that she could get hurt. Later on, they met Shun Kazami after he helped Dan defeat Spectra and Gus and agreed to join in hopes of finding Skyress. Shun then tells the group the story of how he arrived in New Vestroia and began fighting to free the Bakugan. Later in Alpha city she meets her Dad Aka professor Clay Fermin and battles Lync and his new Bakugan Altair made by her dad. However, the battle ends in no outcome when Altair won't work.

While Ace and Shun were brawling in the Tournament she distracts the Alpha city guards by acting like a Vexos fan girl which lets the rest of the team move on.

She later tackled the guards to let Dan move on to destroy. the Dimension Controller which he does. Afterwords the Bakugan thank the Restance for freeing them.

While on the way to Beta city Dan compares Mira to Runo Misaki and gets to know about the former Haos brawler making her feel jealous. later that night everyone is beginning to hear the conversation between Runo and Julie because of the weakening wall between the two worlds. Runo does make it to New Vestroia, but finds that she is only halfway there, being unable to touch anything, but still able to see and speak with Dan. The Resistance then takes her to the portal while Marucho battles Shadow. While that happens Gus, Lync and Spectra enter the portal so Mira follows them along with Dan and Barron.

When they arrive on earth Dan introduces Mira and Barron to Julie Runo and Alice. However the 3 Vexos from before enter and Spectra kidnaped Runo, causing the Brawler's to look for her. Baron and Mira intervene on Gus and Lync causing Gus to run away with Mira in pursuit. while on her chase she sees Spectra with Runo with Spectra freeing her and reveling that he is actually against Prince Hydron's rule and wants to team up with Dan to take him down. Mira's suspicion of Spectra being her brother Keith only rose because of this action, as she believed that he infiltrated the Vexos to free the Bakugan. Spectra and Gus are later sent to New Vestroia and the demotion transporter needs to be rebuilt as a result of it. This left Lync, Mira, and Baron trapped on Earth.

The next day Dan Runo and Julie decide to show Mira and Baron an amusement park. However Baron Dan and Runo get separated from Mira and Julie. However Gus and Spectra return by tracking Dan's Gauntlet to his location. Once Mira catches up with them she proposes a battle Spectra and if she's victorious, Spectra will be unmasked. If she loses, however, she has to join the Vexos, and even battle her own friends. Gus however twists the deal so that he would brawl in Spectra's stead. Gus had the advantage until Julie Makimoto, the "original" Subterra master, gave Mira tips on how to win causing Wilda to beat Vulcan. Although Gus urges Spectra not to reveal himself, Spectra ignores his pleads and does so anyways. Spectra left Mira in shock about the fact that her worst enemy was really her brother, Keith Fermin.

Later she is seen wondering why Keith joined the Vexos anyway, and meeting Dan's parents showing her his house.

When Drago gets taken by Spectra Mira shows concern for Dan and wonders why her own brother would do such a horrible thing. After having a conversation with Spectra she decides she needs to be with him. Before the Resistance is ready to head back to New Vestroia, She betrays the Resistance as she says that she wants to stay with Keith once telling the others on Earth, Spectra is her brother. She returns to New Vestroia through the portal Apollonir opened with Spectra, Gus and Lync after revealing her betrayal.

Although she joined the Vexos, she is really wondering what Spectra is up to. She feels confused when Spectra frees Ace Shun and Marucho saying he did that because he owes her a debt angering Mylene. The next day she has dinner with Keith where he tells her his master plan to rule NV with her by his side shocking her. Unsure of what to do next she challenges her brother to a battle and if she wins, she goes back to being with her real brother and not Spectra; however, if she loses, she will have no choice but to serve Spectra. Due to Cyborg Helios power she lost the brawl, showing regret as she says, "I'm sorry my friends," at the end of the episode, and is also seen crying as she has no choice but to be an enemy to the Resistance.

The Next day, Spectra takes her to see Prince Hydron where the Prince orders her to capture Drago. Once the meeting is over Spectra and Gus take her and Lync to a underground room in Gamma city. Once the brawlers get to Gamma City, Dan, and Ace face off against Gus and Mira. Spectra before hand had Gus and Mira take the Bakugan that were being developed for Prince Hydron to test for himself shocking Ace and Dan that she's a Vexos now However, due to Mira purposely throwing the match, Gus and Mira lose, all six of the Bakugan are captured, and the last Dimension Controller is destroyed Mira also Joins the Resistance again.

She joins Shun and Marucho to free the Bakugan and meet hydron in his throne. after freeing the bakugan they arrive to meet Dan who just finished a fight with Spectra.

She returns to Vestal with Ace and Baron and their Bakugan, in case the Vexos will want to take back New Vestroia for themselves in the future. After they were freed the Bakugan the Vexos came out of hiding and made the Bakugan Termination System.

Mira meets the brawlers on Earth for a visit, but soon returns to Vestal, this time with Dan and Marucho, and they meet up with Ace and Baron at Klaus von Hertzon's estate. She faced Spectra Phantom with Dan Kuso and Marucho Marukura and won. Although Helios managed to defeat Wilda and Elfin, Dan and Drago still won the battle for the three of them.

When Runo left the mansion, Mira followed and were challenged by Mylene and Lync to a brawl. Although Wilda put up a good fight she lost her attribute energy to Mylene and Lync when Macubass activated ABSIDS TR 2.

Mira battles Prince Hydron along with Dan and Spectra. During the battle, she is blown back and knocked unconscious. She woke up when the other Resistance members arrived and witnessed Zenoheld beat Dan and Spectra.

After Spectra left the Resistance, Mira just about gave up hope on Keith. However, she and the rest of the Resistance tag along as Dan goes to battle Spectra. When Spectra lost, he joins the Resistance, taking off his mask. Once she realizes that Keith's personality has returned, they have a mini reunion. In the preview for episode 45, it shows them spending time together.

She was nervous at first because she wasn't sure if it was a dream or not (Keith coming back). They greet each other good morning and spent time together. Her relationship with her brother seems to get Ace jealous, though she doesn't realize that. Mira is worried when they had to analyze Drago for his own Battle Gear. She was worried that Keith would not come back. She seems to also listen to her big brother. She wants to get her father to leave the Vexos. She is held hostage when Mylene manages to grab hold of her. Mylene demands that they will release her if they give her the data. Keith willingly agrees to the demand, worried for his sister. But he actually manages to trick Mylene and Shadow into Bakugan Interspace. She battles alongside Keith (as Spectra) against Mylene and Shadow Prove. When Keith assists her (he already defeated Shadow), she tells him she can handle it, and he backs out. She manages to defeat Mylene, who throws a grenade trying to bring them to another dimension, but the grenade causes Bakugan Interspace to crash, trapping all four inside.

Keith and Mira barely make it out of the Bakugan Interspace was it was collapsing on itself. Marucho manages to get them out on time, right after the floor beneath Mira and Keith break.

The Resistance members follow Keith back to New Vestroia, seeing both Keith and Gus already in the fight with the Alternative. As the fight continues, Keith and Mira manage to find a way into the Alternative. They find their father who was insane and wanted to protect his creation. When the Resistance members managed to destroy the power reactor of the Alternative, they managed to escape, but not their father who saves Mira from being crushed. They return to the Vestal Destroyer as the Alternative blows up (with Professor Clay, King Zenoheld and Prince Hydron). The Resistance, along with Gus, bid farewell to the Human Resistance members as they all returned to their own homes. In the Japanese Ending of Episode 52, it is revealed that she returned to her life with her brother. Mira gave him a glass of juice and Keith receives it as she smiles at him and he smiles back while Wilda and Helios watch them.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

She appeared in a flashback while Aranaut tells about the signal sent when their digital clone counterparts are defeated[3], and when Julie assures to Zenet, disguised as Julie, that Dan will return safe and sound in his travels to Neathia.[4]

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Mira in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Arc 2

Mira reappeared in an image alongside Ace and Baron when Marucho was reflecting on the good old days of the Battle Brawlers.[5]

She appears to cheer Dan on in the tournament, saying "I told you I'd come back!". She also used her knowledge of Science and advanced Vestal technology to aid Marucho and the Marukura Corp into making the Bakugan Research Center, which is now the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Headquarters. She now owns Roxtor. When Coredegon and his henchmen appeared, she told everyone to evacuate and helped them leave. When Mechtavus Distoryer is gone she cheers.[6]

Later in Wiseman Cometh, she tells the Bralwers about the evil Mechtagon and welcomes Reptak to the team.

Mira was asked by Radizen to help him find a way to combine but she didn't have a way to help him. She later followed Marucho to his father's power plant and sees him fighting Wiseman. She joins the battle to aid Marucho She watched as Roxtor combined with Radizen to form Betakor defeat Wiseman's Bakugan Worton and Balista fused into Volkaos.[7]

Mira worked hard on the new Battle Suits, but collapsed due to exhaustion. While in the hospital, she asked Kato to get Runo so that she could give the Brawlers the new Battle Suits.[8]

Mira was sent back to HQ and told Dan about Defendrix's EM Pulse that he could have potentially used to retrieve the stolen Battle Suits.[9]

Mira is seen analyzing the data of the Nonets and evil Mechtogan with the Brawlers.[10]

Mira examines the injured Dragonoid Destroyer and points out that he was holding back 30% of his energy in his last battle. After Shun and Marucho spawn Flytris and Thorak during a battle with Mechtavius Destroyer, she points out that 20% of that reserve energy is gone, and wonders how he will use the last 10%.[11]

Dan, Shun, and Marucho tell Mira and Runo to stay at HQ to man the Battle Suits if they call for them while out at Volcano Island.[12]

Mira and Runo cannot find Dan and the Brawlers in the island via the computer, as they are being sent to the Doom Dimension[13], and as a result, they start to pack up on Kato's helijet in an attempt to find them. Julie goes to join them, but before they have a chance to leave, Mechtavius Destroyer returns and destroys Bakugan City, killing everyone inside.[14]

These events were reversed when the Brawlers went through the Current of Time.[15]

Mira and Runo attempt to leave once again. Dan calls them and talks about the situation, and Mira leaves with Julie to Volcano Island. Mira pilots the helicopter while Julie reports the situation. Mira also notices that Dragonoid Destroyer is still only using 90% of his energy.[16]

Julie begs Mira to fly the helicopter closer to the battle to see the current situation, but she refuses due to danger. She flies everyone back after the battle and watches Dan's battle with Gunz. After this, she and her friends throw a party for Dan, but he doesn't show up.[17]


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

  • Subterra Wilda (Guardian, evolved off-screen)
    • Subterra Thunder Wilda (Guardian, evolved after start of the series).
    • Subterra Magma Wilda (Guardian, evolved in episode 27 after getting the Attribute Energy from Clayf)
  • Unknown Pyrus Bakugan (given to Dan in episode 3)
  • Subterra Baliton (Bakugan Trap)
  • Subterra Verias (Flashback)
  • Darkus Dark Hound (Tested out and taken by Dan)
  • Subterra Grakas Hound (Tested out and taken by Dan)
  • Pyrus Spyderfencer (Tested out and taken by Dan)
  • Pyrus Scorpion (Given to Dan)
  • Darkus Percival (Given to Ace)

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge


Overall, Mira is a good brawler; she was able to defeat three members of the Vexos by herself. However, most of her wins earned comprise of her tagging up with other teammates. For example, Mira wasn't able to defeat her brother by herself without the help of two other teammates in a 3v1 battle. That said, he is the best brawler among the Vestals, so it may be more an indication of his skill and less an indication about her brawling ability.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Vestal Brawler Offscreen Lose
Volt Luster and Lync Volan (Tag with Dan) 1 Win
Keith Fermin (Flashback) 7 Lose (Due to inexperience)
Lync Volan 7 Win (Due to Altair's malfunctions)
Gus Grav 12 Win (Due to Julie's help)
Ace Grit (Flashback) 13 Win
Spectra Phantom 21 Lose
Dan Kuso and Ace Grit (Tag with Gus) 23 Lose (On purpose)
Spectra Phantom (Tag with Dan and Marucho) 31 Win (due to perfect core ablity) (Eliminated)
Mylene Farrow and Lync Volan (Tag with Runo) 34 Lose
Hydron and Zenoheld (Tag with Dan and Spectra) 41 Lose (Due to Trap Field)
Mylene Farrow 48 Win
Zenoheld (Tag with The Resistance, Spectra, Gus and Hydron) 51-52 Win
Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Wiseman (Tag with Marucho) 31 Win (Marucho borrowed Roxtor by accident)


  • Her hairstyle is very similar to Lync Volan's, but is a different color and her hair is rounder in shape.
  • She shows jealousy when she knows that Dan has a girlfriend. Despite this, Runo and Mira are good friends. Even though Mira is interested in Dan she told Runo that she has a new hairstyle and hopes for Dan to notice it.[18]) she supports his relationship with Runo Misaki (when Mira and Dan say goodbye to each other, she told him to "say hi to Runo"[19]).
  • She and Gus Grav have two things in common: they both battle with a Subterra attribute and they are both always worried about Keith/Spectra.
  • The meaning of "Mira" in Hebrew is "Rebelliousness", which can relate to Mira's rebellious personality and how she leads the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance.
  • According to Ace, Mira is the first brawler to defeat him.
  • Her appearance in Mechtanium Surge is similar to both Rain Mikamura from Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Yoshino Fujieda from Digimon Savers/Data Squad.
  • In the English dub, Mira is voiced by Alyson Court, who also voices Dan's mother Miyoko Kuso. Coincidentally, Dan's english voice actor Scott McCord also voiced Mira's father Professor Clay.
  • Despite their sibling bond In New Vestroia, she and Spectra are not shown together at all in Mechtanium Surge. It is unknown why.
  • In Mechtanium Surge, Mira's appearance greatly resembles that of Mylene Farrow.
    • Additionally both are the only female members of their organization (Mylene for the Vexos and Mira for the Resistance) - similar to Kazarina for the Major Twelve Orders.