Hello, and welcome to the Bakugan Wiki, Titanium leo! I am Bendo14, Bakugan Wiki's Head Editing Administrator. Just call me Bendo, B14, anything you find appropriate. Anyway, there is a lot to do here, and lots to learn, but I'll try to help make your experience here fun. To get you started, I'd like to give you the basic run-down of how we roll here. Please take the time to read this and the policies. I promise, it will help you become successful here.

Talk Pages
  • Only edit your own talk page to add "rules", or remove messages that are rude, insulting, or spam. You may not remove warnings from an Administrator or Bureaucrat. Doing so will most likely earn you a one month block.
  • Leave your response on the talk page of the one who contacted you. You will most likely find a link to their talk page in their signature.
  • When leaving a message, sign with ~~~~, or simply just leave your username. If you don't, it'll be VERY hard for someone to figure out who left the message.

User Pages
  • Absolutely NEVER edit someone else's user page, unless they give you permission to do so.
  • Your User Page is the only place you can add fan-art, non-Bakugan related pictures, or videos. Be creative with it. Add templates, pictures, info, anything you want to spruce it up. Just make sure you don't add a list of people you dislike on the wiki.
  • Administrators can remove information from your page if they find it inappropriate.

  • Articles are the real deal. You MUST use proper grammar on them, or you will get blocked for not doing so.
  • ABSOLUTELY NEVER VANDALIZE. Vandalism will earn you a 3 day block or longer.
  • Feel free to add any info as long as it isn't speculation, fan opinions, or fan art.
  • Do not add pages that are fan-fic, random, not Bakugan-related, etc. They will be deleted, and you will receive a warning. If you do want to add a page like that, go to the Fanon Wiki or the Fan Fiction Wiki, as long as it's Bakugan related in general.

  • Blogs are used to share new Bakugan information. Blogs that do not fit that subject will be deleted or be closed. Only Administrators and Bureaucrats can edit other people's blogs.
  • Random blogs are NOT allowed here. If you want to make a random blog, go to the Random Talk Wiki. There, you can post anything random, though a few rules still apply.
  • Please don't comment on blogs that haven't been commented on for at least two weeks. That can result in a 1-3 day block.

If you still do not understand something, or need further explanation, take a look at the policies to clear things up. And if after that you still don't understand, ask me or any of the other Administrators personally on the Chat or our talk pages.

Thank you for your time.
-Bendo (talk/blog)
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