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Hey there. Welcome to my message wall on this wiki. Here you can post every kind of message. I will do my best to guarantee a swift reply, which in most cases won't be a problem. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

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  • I heard there's a new season after Armored Alliance, it's called Bakugan: Geogan Rising! XD

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  • I've found some more English dub titles, can you create a page for them, please?

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  • Wow, I had no idea there was at least one admin on here who was still active until now. I honestly thought they all just kinda left this wiki to die even after it was updated since no one was doing anything about a certain user I've been dealing with recently, but alas, I'm a complete moron who let's his frustrations get the best of him by never thinking anything through, so it's no surprise that I never bothered to check until today.

    Anyway, allow me to explain what's going on: This actually all started near the end of June this year when a user by the name of Namsham1 edited Lync, Jake, and Runo's pages by either adding lazy grammar, piss poor spelling, unnecessary information, or all at once, and every single time I reverted said edits, he brought them all back and he continued to do this with pretty much every other page he's ever edited. I got so sick of it that I just gave up on trying to save this wiki from him. I eventually came back after at least 2 months and now we're having a stupid edit war on whether or not the scene in Gundalian Invaders where Plitheon was restrained by Lumagrowl and Lythirus counts as a battle (this is currently happening on Jesse, Kazarina, Stoica's pages btw) when it really doesn't since they didn't actually fight. The same deal is also happening on Gill and Sid's pages because we're arguing about the scene where Krakix snuck behind Rubanoid to stop the latter from attacking Barodius. Can you please do something about this? I'm only trying to save this wiki from this kind of disaster and I'm genuinely shocked that literally zero admins have done anything about this guy yet.


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    • Well, if you think an user is doing something wrong, it's best to let me know as soon as possible. As I'm a bureaucrat on plenty of other wikis and also busy in real life I can't be here 24/7. On other wikis bureaucrats or other powerholders are also the people who should be contacted if an user is doing mischief, so the same way it's here. The earlier a bureaucrat knows what's going on the best he can keep track of that problem. Just leaving the wiki without letting a bureaucrat know is not a great solution. Contacting the users in power and also showing them proof is the best way to deal with users who cause trouble.

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    • I'm terribly sorry I let this happen to the wiki. I truly am ashamed that I never bothered to report him as soon as he started causing trouble. I just thought one of you guys would notice what he was doing and give him a warning before he did anything else, just like how it normally works with most other wikis, but I guess every admin here is busy with other things they have to deal with (I totally understand) and I ended up letting that guy take advantage of that by not thinking straight.

      So what's gonna happen now?

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    • Even the best admin is not always there and doesn't see everything. There are even active wikis in which the admins are often away and vandals have time enough to do their work. I've just blocked the user in question for one week. If he continues with edit-warring or other counter-productive behavior and I don't see it immediately because of being busy, just notify me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Tell me where and how you got that picture, please?

    Armored Alliance - 23 (2) - Japanese
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  • I've found the next episodes title names, they are: Bakugan Battle League, Tokyo Edition/Battle Royal, The Second Battle Begins/Mechanoids Attack, The Other Fight parts 1 & 2, and The Bakugan Battle League Dash/The Final Stage. Can you edit those pages, please?

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  • How are you doing?

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  • Just want to say hello and sorry and thank you.

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  • Want to talk?

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  • I've found next episodes title names, they are: The Puppet Awesome Brawlers/The Return of Sophie, Wynton's Reality Show/Bakugan Soccer, Shun and Lightning/Premonition, and Superstar Dan/Awesome Brawlers on Vacation. Can you create a page, please?

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  • Just want to say hi to you.

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