Infinity Percival

aka Percival

  • I live in New Vestroia
  • My occupation is Being a metal head, anime fan, and a gamer.
  • I am Male
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  • I am the Ace Grit the Darkus Hero, and my real name is Lukas, so you can call me Lukas. Or if you prefer, call me "Ace Grit" or simply "Ace". Would you like to be my partner? May I call you "Percival" or "Infinity Percival"? I am here in the Bakugan Wiki, you know, Ace is Darkus Percival's partner, one hero of the Darkus attribute, he is the Darkus, his partner, Percival, is only Darkus Bakugan who was never evil, like Leonidas, who uses any attribute, is the only Doom Being who was never evil, so the Leonidas has defected, as well as the Vladitor, the Doom Beings, and now Vladitor is dead, he was as sent to the Doom Dimension forever as Silent Naga, the old leader of the Doom Beings and as well Hal-G's partner, and also master, so Naga also died. This is it, friend. Well, Imagine "Ace Grit & Darkus Infinity Percival", soon in my fanfiction, yeah!!!

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  • =
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    Screenshot 20191109-160949
    I found more pictures of Runo Misaki! if you want it...=
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  • This is your only warning for language. Please review the Bakugan Wiki Language Policy.

    As for the edit warring, I'm going to open a discussion on the article's talk page, and hopefully we can work it out. It's late for me, so I can't stick around. The link to the discussion is here.

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