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Merlix (メルリクス, Merurikusu?) is a wizard-like Super Assault Bakugan, who is a Dice Thrower. It bears resemblance to Mystic Chancer, Coredem, and Premo Vulcan.



Merlix is a massive brawler that wears a nearly indestructible cloak and has a dice that decides the attacking Attribute. He knows what the opponent thinks and can confuse the opponent by creating a hallucination that captures the opponent's thoughts and sometimes control their dreams.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Merlix's first appearance was on the video message that Professor Clay received in Final Fury. Many Haos and an Aquos Merlix appear, though blurry in the war against Neathia.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

In A New Beginning, a kid was shown to have a Subterra Merlix.

A Haos Merlix was used by Fabia Sheen in The Visitor in the battle against Dan and Drago.

In The Sacred Orb, a Haos Merlix was seen battling against the Twelve Orders, alongside a Haos Splight and Haos Scaboid.

Ability Cards
  • Jinx Magic (Japanese version: Spell Magic): Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent. (Haos)
  • Doom Cube (Japanese version: Dune Cube): Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities as long as the die is rotating. If the opponent's attribute matches the die, their power level is dropped to 0. Also, until the die lands on the desired outcome, the opponent can't counter with an ability. (Haos)

Physical Game[]

The Darkus version has 750/700/700/650/600/550 Gs and the Pyrus version has 750/700/680/600/580/550 Gs. You can find the Pyrus version in a battle pack. Another Pyrus version was released in Wave 5 with 440/550/660/770/880/990 Gs. An Aquos version was released in Wave 4 with 950/800/750/650/500/400 Gs. Its Subterra version has 550/580/600/680/700/750 Gs.


  • It is the first dice thrower to appear in the anime.
  • Its name is based on the ancient wizard, Merlin.
  • It can switch dice with Mystic Elico and Mystic Chancer to get different G-Power possibilities.
  • His Bakugan form looks similar to Coredem's.