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Mercury Dragonoid (メルクリードラゴノイド, Merukurī Doragonoido?) is a BakuMutant variation of Titanium Dragonoid in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.



Evolving from the mighty Dragonoid Dynasty, Mercury Dragonoid is matchless in the art of battle. Mutating his body during battle, this Bakugan has great flexibility and a variety of attacks. He is supreme in aerial battle and equally formidable on the ground.

Mercury Dragonoid's Victory Scream on Dimensions.


Mercury Dragonoid made its debut in Interspace Armageddon, when Titanium Dragonoid and Infinity Helios mutated together. He and Mutant Helios defeated Venexus Titan and most of the Dreadeon clones.

He reappeared in Dark Moon, when Titanium Dragonoid, Infinity Helios and Taylean mutated together. He ends up defeating two Razen Titan's that belonged to Mag Mel.

Ability Cards
  • Revolutional + Warfare (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Ragnarok Buster (Pyrus, Darkus)
  • Dragon Maximum Striker + Ragnarok Buster (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Revolutional + Slash Rise Thunder (Pyrus/Ventus)

Physical Game

A Subterra top has 750 Gs or 550 Gs, a Ventus top has 730 Gs, a Pyrus top has 670 or 750 Gs, a Aquos top has 600, 750 or 770 Gs, a Haos top has 680, 770 or 780 Gs, and a Darkus top has 620 or 730 Gs.

A Pyrus bottom has 210 & 130 Gs, a Haos bottom has 170 & 150 Gs or 180 & 140 Gs, a Ventus bottom has 200 & 140 Gs or 210 & 150 Gs, a Darkus bottom has 190 & 140 Gs, a Subterra bottom has 220 & 140 Gs, and an Aquos bottom has 200 & 150 Gs, or 220 Gs and 140 Gs.

Ventus top has 700 Gs, Ventus bottom has 200 and 150 Gs.


  • The initial reveal photo for Titanium Dragonoid showed Mercury Dragonoid's ball form.
  • Mercury Dragonoid has two holes for BakuNano, which is convenient for Hammermor because on Bakugan Dimensions it has the upper half of Titanium Dragonoid and lower half of Taylean in Bakugan Form.
  • It is the only BakuMutant that doesn't have Mutant in the beginning of his name.
  • It and Mutant Helios are the only BakuMutants that have two different forms.