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Meet the Doctor is the thirteenth battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance. You can choose one of the following brawlers for this battle: Dan Kuso, Marucho Marukura, Mira Fermin, or Shun Kazami.

After arriving at the Lake, you try to find the Hurranian Secret Base by following Asteria. After figuring out how to cross the lake, they find Asteria, Ceros, and another individual who recognizes Eva-Q8. She identifies him as Dr. Xeron, the one who created and manages the Replicator. You then have to battle him to get past.



  1. Pyrus Clawsaurus x10
  2. Pyrus Clawsaurus x10
  3. Pyrus Clawsaurus x10
  4. Pyrus Dryoid x1, Pyrus Clawsaurus x10
  5. Pyrus Farakspin x7
  6. Aquos Ramdol x30
  7. Pyrus Farakspin x30
  8. Pyrus Infinity Helios x1, Pyrus Krowll x15
  9. Pyrus Clawsaurus x30, Pyrus Ramdol x4
  10. Subterra Clawsaurus x10
  11. Pyrus Ramdol x20
  12. Aquos Verias x1
  13. Pyrus Krowll x10, Pyrus Dryoid x1
  14. Pyrus Hawtor x2
  15. Pyrus Premo Vulcan x1