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Zenthon Titan

A Mechtogan Titan (メクトガンタイタン, Mekutogan taitan?) is a larger scale version of a Mechtogan with additional, more complex transformation points. Each Titan is BakuNano compatible and comes with one Ability Card, one Mechtogan Activator, and a DNA Code. In the anime, they are summoned when a Bakugan, their Brawler, and Mechtogan are in perfect sync.


Razen Titan


The first Mechtogan Titan appearance in the anime was in Chaos Control, where it showed Razen Titan. He was standing behind Razenoid and Mag Mel absorbing Chaos Energy.

In Triple Threat, Dan Kuso, Titanium Dragonoid and Zenthon joined together and put themselves in perfect sync to summon Zenthon Titan. At the end Zenthon Titan defeated all of Sellon's Mechtogan.

In Battle Lines, Dan, Drago and Zenthon summoned Zenthon Titan in order to help them defeat the Chaos Bakugan and the Mechtogan.

In Unfinished Business, Drago and Zenthon summoned Zenthon Titan in order to help fight against Venexus Titan.

In Behind the Mask, Dan, Drago, and Zenthon summoned Zenthon Titan in order to help fight against Mag Mel, Razenoid, Dreadeon, and Razen Titan.

In Dark Moon, Shun summons Faser Titan, Dan summons Zenthon Titan and there are many Razen Titans.

In The Final Takedown, Zenthon and Zenthon Titan used the rest of their strength to obliterate Dreadeon and Razen Titan, which also cost them their lives.

Brawlers, their Mechtogan, and their Mechtogan Titans

Brawler Bakugan Mechtogan Mechtogan Titan
Mag Mel Razenoid/Evolved Razenoid Dreadeon Razen Titan
Dan Kuso Titanium Dragonoid Zenthon Zenthon Titan
Anubias Krakenoid Venexus Venexus Titan
Shun Kazami Taylean Silent Strike Faser Titan

Known Mectogan Titans


  • All Mechtogan Titans were released in the same wave as their respective Mechtogan. Zenthon, Venexus, Zenthon Titan, and Venexus Titan were all released in wave 1, while Silent Strike, Dreadeon, Faser Titan, and Razen Titan were all released in wave 2.
  • In the anime, all Mechtogan Titans are named after their Mechtogan counterparts and the word Titan after it. However, in the game, Faser Titan and Razen Titan are not.