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The Mechtogan are creatures that appear in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. They are supported by Mechtogan Activators. As their name suggests, they are bio-mechanical creatures. It is also shown that normal attacks usually do not work on Mechtogan due to their special shield in the anime. They are a "physical manifestation of an ability," or a Bakugan's excess energy taking a corpereal form. Mechtogan appear when a Bakugan and a brawler fall out of sync, but recent episodes show that Mechtogan also appear when a Bakugan has a large amount of energy and releases it to take the form of a Mechtogan. All Mechtogan in the anime have 2000 Gs.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Mechtogan first appeared as an entity released accidentally by Dan, that wrecks havoc whenever Drago battles. In Mechtogan Mayhem, it is revealed that despite their mechanical nature, they are fully sentient beings.

Even though this has not been proven, it has been shown in the anime that a Bakugan can only spawn one Mechtogan and if they want to, they can only summon that Mechtogan.

In episode 9, it was shown that Drago had to tame Zenthon in order to obey his commands. In the anime, Mechtogan may need to be tamed/broken in before they will obey you. It is similar to what cowboys would do to break wild stallions in.

Mechtogan in the anime also closely resemble the appearance of the Bakugan that spawned them, hence with Zenthon/Drago, Taylean/Silent Strike and Razenoid/Dreadeon.

In order to control a Mechtogan in the anime, a brawler and Bakugan must be in sync with each other, only then will the Mechtogan will be able to communicate with them and fight at their leisure. There is also another, albeit forced, way of controlling Mechtogan through special braces made by Mag Mel, however these forced methods cause strain on the brawler and some take up a lot energy just to summon them.

In episode 10, Paige and Rafe give a brief lesson to Shun and Marucho about the Mechtogan. Mechtogan are apparently created when the bond between Brawler and Bakugan is out of sync. Basically, it is a manifestation of the imbalance between Brawler and Bakugan. Rafe said that theoretically, since Mechtogan came from the Bakugan, they can be controlled only if the balance between Brawler and Bakugan is back in sync. Both of them also mentioned that there were alternate methods used to control the Mechtogan, like the ones used by Anubias and Sellon, but they were not sure about them. They also said they had never seen a Mechtogan before and they had been studying them from the ancient texts, meaning that they are very old and ancient.

According to Coredegon, if a Mechtogan is mutated, it can survive without its creator.

Bakugan and their Mechtogan

Bakugan Mechtogan
Titanium Dragonoid Zenthon
Razenoid/Evolved Razenoid Dreadeon
Spyron Braxion
Horridian Smasheon
Krakenoid Venexus
Taylean Silent Strike
Bolcanon Deezall
Vertexx Rockfist
Krowll Miserak
Infinity Trister Accelerak
Boulderon Vexfist
Wolfurio Swift Sweep
Infinity Helios Slynix
Fury Coredegon
Jaakor Thorak
Radizen Flytris
Reptak Chromopod


Mechtogan are played from your Unused pile during a battle by placing one next to your Bakugan. In order to play the Mechtogan, it must share an Attribute with your battling Bakugan. Open your Mechtogan with a Mechtogan Activator to reveal its G-Power. You can also attach any BakuNano from your Unused pile to increase your Mechtogan's G-Power. Your Bakugan gains G-Power equal to the G-Power of the Mechtogan and that of any attached BakuNano. After the battle, place the Mechtogan in your Used Pile. The same rule applies to the Mechtogan Titan. You may only use one per game.

Known Mechtogan

  1. Zenthon
  2. Venexus
  3. Braxion
  4. Deezall
  5. Silent Strike
  6. Accelerak
  7. Dreadeon
  8. Vexfist
  9. Slynix
  10. Swift Sweep
  11. Rockfist
  12. Smasheon
  13. Sky Sprint
  14. Miserak
  15. Flytris
  16. Thorak
  17. Exostriker
  18. Slycerak
  19. Mandibor
  20. Coredegon
  21. Troxtor
  22. Ventral
  23. Chromopod


  1. Venexus Titan
  2. Zenthon Titan
  3. Faser Titan
  4. Razen Titan


  1. Dragonoid Destroyer
  2. Mechtavius Destroyer
  3. Razenoid Destroyer


  • The shielding system may have been inspired from the Anti Magilink Field system of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha because both shields render any attacks useless from its' adversary, however unlike the AMF system physical attacks have no effect against a Mechtogan's shield.
  • There has never been a female Mechtogan in the series so far.
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