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I know it's hard. And I know that you don't like Mechanical Bakugan.
—Dan to Drago.

Mechanical Bakugan (Japanese Version: Mecha Bakugan (メカ爆丸, Meka Bakugan?)) are Bakugan that were created artificially in labs by the Vexos, namely Professor Clay. These Bakugan have a mechanical appearance, and resemble mechanized animals. After their creation and their prototype, the first Mechanical Bakugan, Ventus Altair had its bugs worked out, Mechanical Bakugan became commonplace in the Vexos with several of the brawlers having Mechanical Guardian Bakugan and the majority of them having Mechanical Bakugan Trap's.

Early Mechanical Bakugan tend to spin like a top when they are thrown unlike normal Bakugan which roll like a ball when being thrown. These Mechanical Bakugan have spinning rings inside their body in their Bakugan form; Examples include Altair, Hades and Cyborg Helios.

Despite of their powers, they have many limits and weaknesses as they were called useless and junks by Mylene Farrow on Hades and Baron Leltoy and Shun Kazami on Altair.

Metalfencer Open

Metalfencer, an example of mechanical Bakugan Trap that has dot patterns in both Trap and Bakugan form

All Mechanical Bakugan cannot talk (with some only being voiced by Vestal AI programmed to them) while half-mechanical ones like Cyborg Helios can. The new and improved Mechanical Bakugan such as Aluze, MAC Spider, Macubass and Dryoid lack supporting mechanical Bakugan Traps as well as spinning chest pieces compared to their earlier counterparts. However, the only new Mechanical Bakugan that has a supportive device is Farbros. The Assail System and Farbros can also combine.

Mechanical Bakugan often have dots patterns in their ball or Trap form. Sometimes the dots pattern are also shown in Bakugan form. Some of them have diamond patterns in their ball form such as Altair. Most of the Mechanical Bakugan have a silvery body in their ball form except Farbros and Dryoid. No Mechanical Bakugan Traps have silvery bodies like that of a normal Mechanical Bakugan.

List of Mechanical Bakugan

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Bakugan: The Graphic Novel

Game Only

  • Myriad Hades

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge


  • Most Mechanical Bakugan are animated using CGI instead of the traditional cel animation, the exceptions being Metalfencer, Maxus Dragonoid Bakugan Traps, Dynamo in its initial appearance, Cyborg Helios and Helios MK2, the latter two being not mechanical at all.
  • Mecha Chamelia is the first Earth-made Mechanical Bakugan to be introduced.
  • Most of the main Mechanical Bakugan were created by the Vestals but ironically, most of them were destroyed by Vestal characters as well (except for Hades who was killed by Alice and Alpha Hydranoid).
  • Near the end of New Vestroia, Dryoid and Farbros seemed to gain some semblance of "personality" and became a bit more sentient.
  • None of the Mechanical Bakugan's in the second arc have got a toy release at all except Hexstar.
  • Despite being robotic Bakugan's, Robotallion and Laserman are not considered as mechanical.