McDonald's Bakugan were exclusive Happy Meal Bakugan that were first available for a limited time in late 2009. The first series was based on the first series Bakugan: Battle Brawlers. Each Bakugan, available in various Attributes, came with one out of eighteen special McDonald's only Ability Cards. Bakugan Figures were also offered as well.

The McDonald's Bakugan were all larger than regular Bakugan and had a push-button for opening as opposed to a magnet. McDonald's Bakugan are not game regulated and cannot be used in official tournaments. Also, they were modeled after regulation Bakugan so several versions did not have operable, moving parts (horns, legs, etc.). McDonald's Bakugan and Figures were only used as collection accessories/novelty purposes.

In December 2010 McDonald's brought them back based on Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. Battle Gear replaced the Bakugan Figures and just like regulation Bakugan and Battle Gear, McDonald's toy versions had the ability to connect. A new series of special McDonald's Ability Cards were available as well, this time with only sixteen in the collection.

In December 2011, McDonald's bought Bakugan back again, this time with Mechtanium Surge.

In Japan on January 2012, Sega Toys had tie-in with McDonalds to bring special holographic ability cards with stickers of the Castle Knights.

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