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Maxotaur (マクソタウルス, Makusotaurusu?) is a minotaur-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is the Guardian Bakugan of China Riot.



Maxotaur doesn't express emotions & speaks in a low grumbling almost inaudible tone. He charges his opponents like the wild beast that he is. He willingly takes orders from China Riot, as it fits his mentality of “do now, ask questions later,” if you even bother with questions at all. Though painfully sharp, his horns are this bakugan's weak spot


Bakugan Battle Planet

Physical Game

Maxotaur is currently only available as an Ultra Bakugan. He is found most often as a Ventus Maxotaur Ultra in Starter Packs, though an Aurelus version exists and is highly sought after. Possibly even more sought after is the rare Diamond Maxotaur, only found in a specific Starter Pack.


  • Maxotaur is the third minotaur-themed Bakugan; Sabator was the first, & Gigan Taures was the second.
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