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Masquerade Ball (Japanese Version: The Man Who Summoned A Storm (嵐を呼ぶ男, Arashi wo yobu otoko?)) is the second episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It first aired in Japan on April 12, 2007 on TV Tokyo, in Canada on July 15, 2007 on Teletoon and the United States on February 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network.




A very gifted and infamous Bakugan player, known as Masquerade, has been taking Bakugan from kids worldwide, including Runo Misaki (who blames Dan Kuso for her loss) using only his Reaper. When Dan hears about this from his friends on the web, he decides to stop it and challenges Masquerade to a battle. The two meet up, and the fight is on! But Masquerade has a Doom Card secret, which sends its opponent's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. Masquerade leaves Dan behind after the brawl is over. In doing so, Dan realizes that his Dragonoid and his other Bakugan could have been sent to the Doom Dimension.

Major events[]

  • A masked brawler named Masquerade shows up and begins defeating kids' Bakugan and sending them to the Doom Dimension after rising to the #1 ranking in the world.
  • Dan battles Shuji again and wins.
  • Dan battles Masquerade for the first time and ends it in a tie.
  • Masquerade sends two of Dan's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension but chooses to spare Drago.

Featured Brawls[]

Battle at the Playground[]

  • Runo VS Masquerade

This entire brawl happens off-screen. The only things we know for sure about it are that:

Battle Under Railroad Bridge[]

Most of this brawl also happens off-screen. We know that Dan defeats a Ventus Robotallion and Ventus Gargonoid of Shuji's. And that Shuji beats at least one of Dan's Bakugan this brawl.

Round 4[]
  • Dan's Victories: 2/3 ~ Dan's HSP: 600
  • Shuji's Victories: 1/3 ~ Shuji's HSP: 200

On the battlefield are Dan's Pyrus Serpenoid (320 Gs) and 2 Gate Cards whose owner(s) are unknown at the time.

Dan throws out Drago onto an empty Gate Card. (Power: 340 Gs)

Dan activates Fire Wall.

Shuji throws out Ventus Falconeer against Pyrus Serpenoid. (Power: 300 Gs)

Shuji activates Jump Over to move over to Drago's card and then activates Correlation between Ventus and Pyrus. (Falconeer: 400 Gs)

Mysteriously, Drago gains the upper-hand possibly due to Fire Wall. But even with its effect active, Drago would still be 10 Gs short of victory. Drago would have needed to boost the power of Fire Wall in some way for this victory, but it is unrevealed how this is done. Nevertheless, Falconeer gets wiped out by Drago's squeezing firewall attack.

Dan's Victories: 3/3 ~ Dan's HSP gained: 200

Dan wins this round.

  • Dan's Victories: 3/3 ~ Dan's HSP: 800
  • Shuji's Victories: 1/3 ~ Shuji's HSP: 200

The winner is Dan Kuso.

Second Battle Under Railroad Bridge[]

Dan and Masquerade both activate the Bakugan field as reality slows to a halt.

Round 1[]
  • Dan's Victories: 0/3 ~ Dan's HSP: 0
  • Masquerade's Victories: 0/3 ~ Masquerade's HSP: 0

Dan and Masquerade both throw out their Gate Cards against each other.

Masquerade sets a Doom Card onto the field.

Dan throws out Pyrus Serpenoid onto his own Gate Card. (Power: 320 Gs)

Masquerade throws out Darkus Reaper against Serpenoid. (Power: 370 Gs)

Dan opens his Gate Card (Pyrus Normal: +300 Gs). (Serpenoid: 620 Gs - Reaper: 370 Gs)

Masquerade counters by activating Dimension Four, which cancels the opponent's, Gate Card. (Reaper: 370 Gs - Serpenoid: 320 Gs). Serpenoid gets wiped out by Reaper's scythe attack and is sent to the Doom Dimension. Reaper returns to Masquerade in ball form. Dan's first Gate Card vanishes.

Masquerade's Victories: 1/3 ~ Masquerade's HSP gained: 300

Masquerade wins this round.

Round 2[]
  • Dan's Victories: 0/3 ~ Dan's HSP: 0
  • Masquerade's Victories: 1/3 ~ Masquerade's HSP: 300

Dan throws out Pyrus Saurus onto Masquerade's first Gate Card. (Power: 280 Gs)

Masquerade throws out Darkus Reaper against Saurus. (Power: 370 Gs)

Dan activates Saurus Glow on Saurus, increasing his Power Level by 50 Gs. (Reaper: 370 Gs - Saurus: 330 Gs)

Masquerade activates Double Dimension, nullifying the opponent's Ability Card. Saurus gets wiped out by Reaper's scythe attack and is sent to the Doom Dimension. Reaper returns to Masquerade in ball form. Dan's second Gate Card vanishes.

Masquerade's Victories: 2/3 ~ Masquerade's HSP gained: 200

Masquerade wins this round.

Round 3[]
  • Dan's Victories: 0/3
  • Dan's HSP: 0
  • Masquerade's Victories: 2/3
  • Masquerade's HSP: 500

Dan sets his second Gate Card in front of Masquerade.

Dan throws out Pyrus Drago onto his newly set Gate Card. (Power: 340 Gs)

Masquerade throws out Darkus Reaper against Drago. (Power: 370 Gs)

Dan opens his Gate Card (Character) (Fire Storm in the dub). (Drago: 680 Gs - Reaper: 370 Gs)

Drago activates Boosted Ultima (Ultimate Boost in the dub) on himself. (Drago: 1080 Gs (screen statics out at 950 Gs) - Reaper: 170 Gs). Before Reaper can get wiped out, the battlefield is destroyed due to Drago's sudden power boost.


The battlefield is destroyed and the battle ends in a TIE.


Animation Trivia[]

  • During Masquerade and Dan's battle, after Saurus is sent to the Doom Dimension, there appears to be another Gate Card set on the field, when neither player had set another Gate Card.
    • It's possible that it could be due to an animation error, as Dan later sends out another Gate Card so that Drago and Reaper could fight on it.

Cultural References[]

English dub changes[]

  • The shot of Dan's school is a little shorter.
  • The scene where Dan says "You have GOT to be kidding me!" is shortened for time.
  • The scene where Dan checks if Masquerade really is number 1 on the rankings is cut.
  • The scene where it cuts to Shun's house, where he is drinking a glass of water, is cut.
  • The sound effect where Drago closes is replaced
  • The shot of Masquerade looking at Dan's video is different. In the original, the shot is of his head from the side, while in this one it is from his front. The scene is also made shorter.
  • The scene where Dan and Shuji are about to battle is sped up.
  • The scene where the Bakupod shows Serpenoid alone in the battle is skipped.
  • A part of Shuji talking to Dan is cut for time.
  • When Drago says "Ah, when he releases me, I can move around freely in this world," it is played longer.
  • The Bakupod shot of Falconeer, Serpenoid, and Drago is a lot shorter.
  • When Reaper's eyes light up, a whoosh sound effect is played.
  • The Bakupod shot of Reaper and Serpenoid is extended slightly.
  • The scene where Reaper slashes Serpenoid's head is removed due to it looking violent. In return, the scene where Serpenoid is sent to the Doom Dimension is longer.
  • The scene where Reaper slashes Drago's head and a closeup of Drago's eye is shown is cut.
  • In the American version, Falconeer responds to Drago's question of why they are fighting. However, in the Japanese version, Falconeer says nothing.
  • The Gate Card that Reaper and Drago were fighting on was Drago's Character Card in the Japanese version. However, in the American version, Drago and Reaper fought on the Fire Storm Gate Card.
  • The coming up next segment is almost completely different.

Titles in other languages[]


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the English dub.


Image Name Time Note
Masquerade debut
Ms. Purdy debut, Dan's teacher
Ryo debut, seen from behind in Dan's class


Image Name Time Note
Gargonoid debut
Reaper debut


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