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Masato Kazami is a character that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is the older cousin of Shun Kazami. He is an Aquos brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Serpenteze.


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Masato is Shun's older cousin. He has been brought in by AAAnimus Inc. (and secretly by Shun's father) to knock Shun out of the Awesome Ones. Masato wants to prove his worth by either bringing Shun back into the family fold or forever exiling him like his family. Masato is cunning, mean and heartless.


Masato was a heartless, selfish indivudal who resented Shun - due to Shun gaining opportunities for Kazami International Holdings (that Masato was either never offered or was about to get taken away)  this led Masato to pull off a dangerous stunt, which eventually led to him going into the Maze. Before going into the Maze, he threw Serpenteze (to abandon him, out of anger).

During Masato's time in the Maze, he struggled to survive on a day to day basis, this led to him giving up completely; due to being exhausted and feeling like he lost everything. Serpenteze comes back with food, to Masato's disbelief (since he abandoned Serpenteze) confused as to why Serpenteze showed Masato this kindness, Serpenteze merely dismisses his question (roaring to urge him to eat) this brings Masato to tears, causing him to begin to change as a person.

After coming out of the Maze, Masato is now a considerate person who cares about Bakugan. He no longer seems to hold any resentment towards Shun, although he seems to have some towards Ichiro (Shun's father). However, his resentment towards Ichiro is only due to the fact Ichiro is using a Golden Bakugan (Goreene) - making it weaker. In reality, Masato currently holds no true resentment towards anyone (besides Tiko). He has also begun to be selfless instead of selfish, unlike his former self.

Masato is very intelligent and takes action when necessary.


Bakugan: Battle Planet

Masato was stuck in the Maze for a while. But, due to the time properties of the Maze, he was stuck for approximately 10 years.

Bakugan: Armored Alliance



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Shun Kazami 35 Win
Shun Kazami 36 Lose
The Awesome Ones (Tag with Toshi, Koda & Keiko) 47 Lose
Shun Kazami 61 No Outcome
Shun Kazami 63-64 Win



  • Masato's biological age may be 28, because of the different time flow of the Maze. However, this is not confirmed.