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The Marukura Group (丸蔵 財閥, Marukura Zaibatsu?) is a family-run, multi-billion-dollar worldwide business owned and operated by the Marukura family. It is the most powerful company in the Bakugan franchise.


The Marukura Group was founded by Marucho Marukura's parents some time before "the night of raining cards". Before then, the company mostly ran on assets from land renovation. However, since the discovery of Bakugan, the Marukura Group now focuses mostly on items and services to benefit Bakugan enthusiasts. Because of its family-run nature, the Marukura Group is also very charitable. They help with charity and wildlife preservation efforts.

As of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, most of the scientific and business fields have been taken over by Marucho. Previously, his most notable franchise was Bakugan Interspace until its deletion. He also owns a laboratory in Bakugan City, which also serves as the Battle Brawlers Headquarters and water treatment facility.


In the Bakugan Battle Brawlers (video game), Marukura.Corp organizes Bakugan tournaments.

Products / Services[]

Marukura currently runs many services to aid Battle Brawlers globally.