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Manion (Japanese Version: Sphinx スフィンクス) is a sphinx/manticore-like Bakugan with huge wings and four pairs of razor-sharp claws on each paw.



Manion is a mysterious sphinx with golden armor protecting head, back, and forearms. It is a four-footed creature with sharp terrorizing claws. Soaring with its huge wingspan, it preys on its opponents from above.

Bakugan Official Handbook[]

The mysterious Manion resembles a sphinx with an elegant face and lean lion's body.

Bakugan Ultimate Handbook[]

Manion resembles a sphinx from ancient Egypt, a terrifying and mysterious creature with the body of a lion, the face of a human, and wings of an eagle. Golden armor protects Manion from attacks. In battle, Manion will fly above the field and then dive down to target its foe. Then it will slash at its opponent with its sharp claws.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers[]

Chan Lee had a Pyrus Manion. Julie Makimoto, Billy Gilbert, and Akira owned Manions of their respective main attributes. A Ventus Manion was used in Shun Kazami's test set up by Oberus. Runo had a Haos Manion seen in her basket. Klaus von Hertzon had a Subterra Manion in his extensive Bakugan collection. Dan Kuso had a Pyrus Manion, but it was not shown.


Ability Cards[]

  • Manion Ray: Adds 100 Gs to Manion. (Pyrus)
  • Earth Power: Adds 50 Gs to Manion. (Standard Subterra Ability)
  • Copycat: Manion can copy any ability used by his opponent before. (Standard Subterra Ability)

Video Game[]

Manion can only be obtained legitimately in the Toys 'R' Us edition, while a cheating device is required for all other versions of Bakugan: Battle Brawlers. In the Bakugan store, it is available in Haos, Subterra and Ventus for 0 BP.

Physical Game[]

Pyrus B1 has either 400 Gs or 500 Gs, while Pyrus B2 has 630 Gs. Subterra has 350 Gs. Darkus has either 250 Gs or 350 Gs. Ventus has 630 Gs. There's also a Clear (and rare) Manion that has 540 Gs.


  • Manion's Ability Card Manion Ray is a possible reference to the Egyptian god, Amun-Re.
  • Strangely, in the Wii version of the video game, a Pyrus Manion is unavailable despite one appearing in the Anime.