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Smile you overgrown chicken, because you're next on the chopping block!
Mandibor to Radizen, Enemy Infiltration

Mandibor (Japanese version: Gira (ギラ, Gira?)) is a Mechtogan from Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It is one of the four Mechtogan that form the four-in-one Mechtavius Destroyer.



A menacing Mechtogan, Mandibor is an intimidating and frightening threat. A spring loaded chest shoots powerful lasers to pulverize adversaries. Mandibor unleashes his shoulder blades that become fully activated during battle. Sharp metallic blades fold out of his arms for a final devastating blow.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

It was seen in Evil Arrival. He combined with Exostriker, Coredegon, and Slycerak to form Mechtavius Destroyer and battled Dragonoid Destroyer, but lost.

He reappeared in Wiseman Cometh with the other rogue Mechtogan, forming Mechtavius Destroyer once again. However, Dragonoid Destroyer defeated them again.

He appeared in Enemy Allies alongside Coredegon, Slycerak, and Exostriker, forming Mechtavius Destroyer again but lost.

In Countdown to Doomsday, he and Exostriker combined their attacks and defeated Magmafury then they combined into Mechtavius Destroyer with the rest of the Mechtogan and defeated Dragonoid Destroyer and the Brawlers.

In Enemy Infiltration, he was completely resurrected alongside Slycerak and Exostriker. They later battled the Brawlers and won.

In Evil Evolution, he combined into Mechtavius Destroyer with other Mechtogan and defeated the Brawlers in a battle, and sends them to the Doom Dimension.

In End of the Line, he was destroyed by Dragonoid Destroyer along with the other Mechtogan.


A Darkus version in the Mechtavius Destroyer set has 250 Gs. The Pyrus version has 230 Gs and the Ventus version has 240 Gs. It has 6 BakuNano holes.


  • Mandibor's voice appeared to deepen after his appearance in Enemy Allies.