Makoto (マコト?) is Mui's younger brother.


Makoto was seen to have blue eyes with brown hair, along with a light green buttoned T-shirt. He is also extremely small compared to other characters.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Makoto and Miu's parents separated and the two live in different parts of the world. Their friends Takashi and Kosuke wanted to help them see each other again. They were given the chance when Masquerade said that if the two battled the Brawlers and won, their wish would come true. Even though the two never managed to win, because of Miu getting upset about seeing Runo and Marucho's Bakugan being sent to the Doom Dimension and the two decided to quit, Makoto, who asks his father to allow him to come back and visit his sister, managed to see Miu again.

At the end of the ninth episode, Fight or Flight , he is shown meeting Dan , being surprised and excited to see Drago speaking. After talking for a while, he runs off to find his sister.

Being very young, Makoto has a cheery and carefree personality. He loves his sister deeply and seems to admire Takashi and Kosuke .


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