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Magnus Black (マグナス・ブラック, Magunasu Burakku?) is a recurring character that appears in Bakugan: Battle Planet. He is a Darkus Brawler and his Guardian Bakugan is Nillious.


Magnus is quite tall, with shaggy black hair with an ahoge and persian red eyes. His attire includes a black tailcoat with grey accents, high collar and yellow buttons on the tailcoat's wrist, a black and white vest underneath. He wears a royal purple half-mask with persian red lens that only shows his right eye and mouth and wears royal purple gloves.

In battle, Magnus wears a large purple gauntlet on his left arm.



A masked boy wielding the powerful Nillious who becomes Dan’s number one rival. Magnus has no interest in fame and keeps his identity a mystery. Despite working for AAAnimus, Magnus is a strong believer in the Bushido code of the samurai— though he has clearly lost his way. Ultimately, we will learn that Magnus has chosen this path for a noble purpose— AAAnimus is promising life-saving technology and medicines for his sister, who is incapacitated by a rare disease. Though he fights to save his sister, part of Magnus is ashamed of his actions, so he hides behind a mask and his strict code of honor in the field. Armed with a cadre of powerful Bakugan, Magnus is the best Battler out there… Except for Dan Kouzo. Magnus takes an instant dislike to Dan because it’s obvious that this boy is special and his bond with his Bakugan is noble. Magnus turns his jealousy into a drive, dedicating himself to becoming the best battler possible in order to take down Dan Kouzo, and save his sister once and for all.


Magnus has a dark personality along with being highly enigmatic. He is normally quiet though he can get mad quite easily if annoyed by constant talking, shown in episode 60 with Dan. Magnus doesn't really like being around anyone either, due to his shame in the past.

Despite being cool and distant, Magnus has a soft spot for his sister. Due to her for having a rare disease, Magnus worked for AAAnimus Inc. in order for them to give her good health, and because of this, he is a dedicated brawler who takes Bakugan very seriously- he doesn't brawl for fun, he brawls to win at any cost for his sister.

After he left AAAnimus Inc because of the defeat with Dan, he seems more power-hungry, as he constantly claims that the power of the Core Cell will be his- mainly due to feeling more helpless, as well as not being able to help his sister.

He's also shown to be highly intelligent as he hacked AAAnimus Inc.'s system in order to find the location of the Core Cell.

It is unknown how he officially treats his Bakugan since they are shown to have no conversations together, but throughout Battle Planet it can be implied that he doesn't care about having a relationship with his Bakugan (other than establishing a relationship where they'll obey his commands in battle). Things change in Armored Alliance episode 46 when he begins to realise just how much of a problem it is for him not to be able to understand Bakugan. At the very end of that episode, he asks if Nillious and Enoch helped him because his device forced them to, clearly upset about the fact they can't really answer him, suprisingly however Nillious does respond, telling Magnus that they helped "Because we are partners." After Magnus gets over his confusion as to who the voice was, he looks down at the Bakuballs in his hand and smiles. Then in Geogan Rising, after Magnus grows younger due to the maze and becomes able to understand Bakugan, his expression when he discovers this, again after the initial shock, is clear joy. Proving that Magnus's attitude towards Bakugan has changed throughout the seasons and he truly does care about having a relationship with his Bakugan.

However, during the time when he was possessed by Tiko, Magnus became crazed and psychotic. Overall, he was hostile and arrogant. But he lost all of those demeanors, and reverted back to his normal self, due to his defeat with Dan. He has now shown approval to him by accepting Dan's offer to battle again (in the future) as a game. During the final fight against Tiko, before Dan returned, Magnus fights for Dan to keep a promise. This suggests that Magnus does, at the very least, respect Dan since he is willing to fight to keep a promise.


Bakugan: Battle Planet

Magnus is first seen battling The Awesome Ones and ultimately loses against them. Origin of the Species Part 1 Origin of the Species Part 2

Some time later he disguises himself as a brawler, also named Magnus, in order to join the Awesome Ones. However another brawler named Shun Kazami also wants to join. Although he shows that he is a very strong brawler, he fails to convince the Awesome Ones, because he is lacking characteristics which are needed in a team. The Awesome Ones are not aware that he is the Magnus they battled some time ago. Frenemies

Later on, he disguises himself again as a Bakugan advisor and offers the Awesome Ones his help, with them entrusting Artulean to him. Very soon he blows his cover and uses Artulean for another battle against the Awesome Ones, reminding the former of the fact that they apparently considered him a problematic Bakugan. However, after Howlkor reminds him of their friendly relationship, Magnus' control over Artulean begins to wane. Soon after the other brawlers also reappear, which causes Magnus to leave. Dog Daze

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Bakugan: Geogan Rising


Bakugan: Battle Planet

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Bakugan: Geogan Rising

Bakugan: Evolutions


Bakugan Battle Planet

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles, Lia Venegas & Lightning 1-2 Lose
AAY (Tag with Shun Kazami) 9 No Outcome
Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles, Lia Venegas & Shun Kazami 9 Win
Dan Kouzo & Lightning 11 No Outcome
Wynton Styles, Lia Venegas, Lightning & Shun Kazami 16 Lose
Dan Kouzo 19 Win
Dan Kouzo 41 No Outcome
The Awesome Ones (Tag with The Exit Team) 43 Draw
Dan Kouzo 44 Lose
Pyravian 60 Lose
Lightning 62 Win
Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles, Lia Venegas & Shun Kazami (Tag with China Riot and Col. Armstrong Tripp) 70 No Outcome (interrupted by Trhyno)
Trhyno 70 Lose
Trhyno 71 Win
The Awesome Ones 71 Win
Philomena Dusk 72 No Outcome
Pyravian 73 No Outcome
Dan Kouzo 74 Lose


Emily Black

Emily is Magnus's younger sister and is a character shown in Battle Planet, Armored Alliance, and Geogan Rising.

Crystal Blue

In the episode Magnus's Journey, while looking for Dan he spot a bunch of Cubbo who are being attacked by a Ventus Bakugan. He is able to scare away the Ventus Bakugan but thinks that the Cubbo are weak as they could not defend themselves. When they tried to talk to Magnus, Magnus could not hear him as he could not talk to Bakugan since he was born before the Great Collision. Crystal Blue is revealed to be on Vestroia and becomes a translator for Magnus. Even tough Magnus and Crystal Blue work together to save the Cubbo, he gets mad at her in the end when a portal opens to Earth and it is revealed that Dan is back on Earth and that he wasted his time on saving Cubbo and exploring Vestroia for nothing.


  • Magnus shares a couple of similarities with Copen from the Azure Striker Gunvolt series. They are both rivals of the main character of their series and they both have a younger and ill sister (formerly ill in Copen's case) they care deeply for. Magnus's hair is also somewhat similar to Copen's hair.
  • Magnus can be compared with Red Eye from Beyblade Burst Evolution: They were both antagonists from their respective series, they both wear masks, they both wear a gauntlet on their left hand, they both went through intense training in order to become stronger, they're both reserved and power-hungry and have somewhat similar hairstyles despite the colour being different. They were also both possessed and freed by their respective protagonist.
  • Magnus was the first brawler to evolve a Bakugan in Battle Planet.
  • Due to being born before the Great Collision, he is unable to brawl without his gauntlet or hear Bakugan talk.
    • As of True Power, Magnus became younger, young enough to brawl without the use of his gauntlet and hear Bakugan talk. Therefore, he can hear Nillious' voice for the first time.
  • Magnus is the first brawler to defeat an Aurelus Bakugan.
  • Magnus was the only member of the Exit Team to have a win rate of over 50%.
  • Magnus seems to be a man of his word, which can be seen when he is willing to fight in order to keep a promise he made with Dan
  • Magnus' design is reminiscent of Marduk from the 2009 video game: Both wear black clothing and a mask that covers the left side of their faces. They are also both Darkus brawlers.