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You didn't find my wolf so scary earlier? Let's see how you like my spider!
Shadow Prove introducing MAC Spider, Shadow Attack

MAC Spider (MACマックスパイダー, Makku Supaidā?) is a Mechanical Bakugan that Shadow Prove used in Bakugan: New Vestroia after the destruction of his previous Guardian Hades. It aids the Vexos by taking two of the six Attribute Energies from the Battle Brawlers and is annihilated later on by Helios MK2.



As its name suggests, MAC Spider's entire design is akin to that of an arachnid, though it only has six legs compared to an actual spider's eight. It possesses a fully vertical optical sensor for extended vision. Its six legs are barbed, and each are armed with extraneous needles that can be launched outward for ranged attacks. MAC Spider is remarkably quick for a Mechanical Bakugan and is capable of extending its legs to encompass an opponent and trap them. Its abdomen is armed with two jagged spikes and houses devastating triplet cannons. Its most powerful abilities are presumably Spider Cannon and Mega Terror Impact.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

After Hades is destroyed by Alpha Hydranoid in Shadow Attack, Shadow unveils MAC Spider so that he can finish the brawl with Hydranoid and Fourtress. Hydranoid uses Death Trident which Mac Spider counters by using wild close. Fortress then try's to attack using Phase breaker and breaks though his webs. When Hydranoid attacks him, he feels no damage. It then successfully defeats Alpha Hydranoid and Fourtress at the same time, making use of its Mega Terror Impact as a final blow thus trapping the two. MAC Spider subsequently becomes Shadow's new Guardian Bakugan.

MAC Spyder Ballform (open).png

In Elfin On the Run, Shadow Prove uses MAC Spider again against Preyas and Minx Elfin. In round 1 it starts off by trapping Elfin. Preys then becomes Subterra and uses side formation to save Elfin. Shadow then try's to use a Gate Card before learning it can not be used. It is put to shame in the first round, being outnumbered by the two before being joined by Dryoid. Preyas then attacks it by using Slumping Rocket thus losing round 1. However, Dryoid wins the round for them. In round 2, Elfin and Preyas attack MAC Spider trapping him in water thus prevent him from using abilities. Dryoid joins the fight to help out thus making Marucho use Tripod Epsilon. Elfin and Preyas become Darkus and use Forcement Wind. It uses Tarantula Needle to attack, but the attack is in vein when glow snail gets used thus causing it to lose round 2. In round 3 Dryoid managed to injure Preyas Before eventually losing the entire brawl, MAC Spider overwhelms Elfin with its Spider Cannon ability and takes her Aquos Attribute Energy. However, Preyas and tripod Epsilon avenged Elfin by flipping land pressure on them by using Clear snail. Preyas then beats up the two Mechanical Bakugan with a punch causing them to lose the battle.

It briefly appears with the other Mechanical Bakugan at the airport in All Or Nothing

In Ambush, MAC Spider is used again, this time alongside Aluze against Knight Percival and Minx Elfin in the Vexos Motherpalace. In round 1 it battles Percival by trapping him in his net which Percival breaks free and attacks MAC spider though it did not get effected. MAC Spider then used Blaster Needle to take Percival out while Aluze takes Elfin out with Mega Bind winning him and Aluze round 1. In round 2, Marucho uses silent land to trap it and Aluze and then it gets attacked by Percival while receiving no damage. Shadow and Lync then explain to Ace and Marucho that in the mother place they cannot lose. MAC Spider, being empowered by the Vexos Trap Field, defeats Percival with minimal effort while Aluze does the same to Elfin. This results in the Vexos's acquisition of the Darkus Attribute Energy.

In Mylene's Meltdown, MAC Spider makes its final functioning appearance in a brief battle with Helios MK2. Shadow uses Phantasm to trap Helios. Mac Spider uses Spider cannon to attack. After Spectra activates a FARBAS ability to make MAC Spider's abilities useless, Shadow panics and uses Tirantula Needle which causes no damage. Mac Spider then uses Blaster Needle causing Helios to taunt him and ask Shadow if that was all he had. Mac Spider then traps Helios using Spider net. Helios gets stuck in the web causing Shadow to activate Mega Terror Impact to defeat Helios quickly. Unfortunately for him, this leaves MAC Spider prone to attack and Helios capitalizes, using Blackout Cannon to blast a hole through MAC Spider's frame and destroy it entirely. Helios then taunts Shadow saying MAC Spider is now gutless.

Ability Cards
  • Wild Close: Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Mega Terror Impact: Subtracts 300 Gs from each opponent and adds 100 Gs to MAC Spider.
  • Spider Net (Squeeze Play): Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.
  • Tarantula Needle: Subtracts 300 Gs from each opponent and adds 400 Gs to MAC Spider.
  • Spider Cannon: Subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent and adds 400 Gs to MAC Spider.
  • Blaster Needle: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.


  • Much like Hades, MAC Spider's strongest abilities often leave it vulnerable to attack. The most notable one is Mega Terror Impact, which relies on shocking the opponent to keep them in place while charging a precision strike. Helios MK2, having already activated a FARBAS ability, was able to resist the electrocution and fire a blast upward through MAC Spider's body, which ultimately destroyed it.


  • Its Mega Terror Impact is similar to the Adzam's Leader Weapon from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • MAC Spider was the only one of the Vexos Mechanical Bakugan that successfully took more than one of the Attribute Energies on its own (it took both the Aquos and Darkus Energies in separate appearances).
  • MAC stands for Mechanical Armed Cannon.
  • Despite MAC spider beating Hydranoid (the second strongest of the six fighting Bakugan) he still lost to Preyas who was considered weaker than Hydra. This has caused confusion from fans. There are reasons for this, the first is that Hydranoid was already exhausted from two battles with Hades and not at full strength. The second reason is that Hydranoid had been living with Alice for a long time and had not battled till then (which explains his lowered power level). Finally, the writers needed to showcase the power of Shadows new Mechanical Bakugan Mac Spider.