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You know from battling with me that I'm loyal to, like, three people; Me, myself, and I!
Lync to Volt, Final Countdown

Lync Volan (リンク・ボラン, Rinku Boran?) was part of the Vexos organization, who prefers the Ventus Attribute. He's a showoff and thinks he can beat anyone at any time, despite having the worst battle record of the Vexos. He betrayed the Vexos because he was against the Alternative System. He wears a green cape, and his Guardian Bakugan is Ventus Altair, and later Ventus Aluze. He did not get a new Trap Bakugan, but Wired was once his secondary backup Bakugan in arc one of Bakugan: New Vestroia. He was often paired with Volt Luster for battles against the Bakugan Battle Brawler Resistance.


Lync is an arrogant showoff who is more loyal to himself than anybody. While he worked well with Volt, Volt disapproved of his self-serving habits. Like the rest of the Vexos, he doesn't seem to hold a high opinion of Hydron, serving as Spectra's double agent until he decided that it would be to his benefit to side with the leading Vexos group.

Even though, or instead, because he was an opportunist, he thought nothing of betraying the Vexos. To save Alice, whom he seemed to have feelings for, he secretly copied the data for the Alternative Weapon System to warn her and the Resistance about the threat. He wards off Professor Clay and Mylene's suspicions long enough to get to Earth but is intercepted by Hydron and defeated. Even as he heads to his demise at the hands of a Death Ball, he takes the opportunity to leave the data behind for Alice to find after Hydron goes and is ultimately successful in his goal.

Lync appears to the shortest character in New Vestroia (Likely because he is only 14). He has pink hair combed similar to Mira's and wears a green uniform and black and orange shoulder pads.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Arc 1

Like all Vexos, Lync's first appearance was in Invasion of the Vestals where they captured all the Bakugan. He and Volt Luster confront Dan Kuso and Marucho Marukura as they arrive in New Vestroia, saying that they are weak and no match for them due to their Gauntlets, something Dan soon obtains. Alongside Mira Fermin who Dan and Marucho meet up with He and Volt take on Dan and Mira in a battle. He does fairly well using his Fly Beetle, but loses the brawl and Ventuss Atmos in the process to Dan. However, he learned the Drago with Dan was a legendary Bakugan and tells Volt about it. he reports this to Spectra Phantom who tells Hydron about it with the prince ordering the Vexos to capture Drago by any means necessary.

In Taste of Defeat, Lync argues with Shadow Prove about losing three Bakugan to the Resistance which gets broken up by Mylene and calling Gus Grav a weasel after the latter defeated Dan in a battle saying his win meant nothing.

In Cyber Nightmare, Lync brawls Mira with his new mechanical Bakugan, Altair made by Clay Fermin. However, the fight ends without an outcome when Altair's system overloads and returns itself to ball form. Lync then tells Mira that soon Altar will be fixed.

In What's the Plan?, Lync and Volt were in charge of Alpha City, so when Spectra figures out that the Resistance is there, he commands the two to "clean house." The two of them later face off against Ace and Shun in the finals in Freedom Run and seem to be beating them with Lync showing off his new Bakugan Wired. but are defeated after Drago destroys the Dimension Controller and by Percival and Ingrams strong attacks. They then leave as the Bakugan come to life.

In Surprise Visitor, he and Volt hear Runo Misaki and Julie Makimoto when the girls tried to teleport Runo to New Vestroia but due to the malfunction of Dr. Michael's teleportation machine, they failed to transport her properly. Later, when Spectra and Gus leave, Lync reports that to Prince Hydron, who reveals his status as a spy. After Runo goes through the portal, as Spectra and Gus approach it, Lync blocks the entrance, reminding them that Prince Hydron had not given his consent for them to leave. Spectra told him that he would go anyhow, and he and Gus go into the portal to Earth. Lync decides to follow them, to continue spying on them for Hydron.

In Gate Crashers, after the 3 Vexos arrive on Earth, he annoys Gus to the point that Gus challenges Lync to a brawl, but Baron and Mira intervene, causing Gus to run away with Mira in pursuit. Lync tells Baron that he was sent by Hydron to spy on Gus and Spectra, but because the two of them were gone, he would defeat Baron and take Nemus. Unfortunately for Lync, he loses, as well as getting Altair fried because of a new Ability Card he was testing out.

After Spectra and Gus are returned to New Vestroia, Lync stays at Alice's for the time being and is seen crying after she leaves him some food.

In Family Ties, he starts to build hatred towards Alice and Michael; leading him to leave later on. He receives a message from Spectra, which offers him to return with them if he double-crosses Prince Hydron. He agrees and tricks Alice into leading him and the others to the meeting place by saying he quit the Vexos. Once Alice discovers lync tricked her she gets furious He then returns to New Vestroia with Mira, Gus, and Spectra after trapping the brawlers in a cage. Once he Gus, Mira and Spectra returned, he tells Mylene Volt and Shadow that it is nice to see them and reports to Prince Hydron who orders him to keep spying on Spectra although Lync has other plans including taking over the royal family along with Gus and Spectra. He, Volt and Gus later watch Shadow and Mylene battle Dan and Baron. When Gus starts explaining about Sheild cocuin Lync taunts him asking if Gus was full of fascinating facts. When Shadow and Mylene lose Lync later makes fun of Shadow asking him if he wants to see the play back of his loss to which Shadow tells Lync to be quiet.

Later Hyron tells Lync to continue spying on Spectra. Spectra and Gus take Mira and Lync to a room where Bakugan traps are being kept. Here, he tells them that they will only obey him. He then made her, and Gus use new Mechanical trap Bakugan to battle the Resistance. Gus gets worried thinking Mira might mess up, but Spectra tells him he knows Mira won't let them down. He and Spectra are the only two Vexos that don't brawl when Gamma City is invaded in Wall To Wall Brawl That is because Altar was destroyed. He later shows Spectra a whole new set of mechanical Bakugan for Cyborg Helios.

In Ultimate Bakugan, when Prince Hydron asks to know where his Bakugan are, Lync tells him that Spectra took both sets of Bakugan. After Prince Hydron cuts off Mylene, Shadow, and Volt convince him to switch sides. Then, Gus overhears the other Vexos planning on taking Professor Clay with them. Thinking Lync is still on their side, Gus tells him to talk to Spectra, only to have Lync knock him out and lock him up. Soon he joins Mylene Volt and Shadow to betray Spectra by killing him in Vest Palace

In Final Countdown, Lync leaves New Vestroia with the other Vexos.

In between the first and second arcs, Lync fled along with the rest of the royal family and the Vexos when the Resistance revealed their lies about the Bakugan. To escape the revolting Vestals, they took off on the Vexos Motherpalace into space.

Arc 2

In Revenge of the Vexos, he is shown talking with Zenoheld about where the Brawlers are at.

In The Day New Vestroia Stood Still, he battles Shun with his new mechanical Bakugan Aluze but ends up defeated by Storm Skyress and Master Ingram working together. After his defeat, he is mocked by both Shadow Prove and Prince Hydron, angering him greatly.

InShadow Attack, He and the other Vexos are shown watching Spectra's speech about them ruling the galaxy.

In Brontes' Betrayal He is seen teasing Volt when the latter is upset about losing Bronties and getting warned by Shadow not to mess with him. Volt eventually leaves telling the others to be quiet.

In Earth Invaders, he travels to Earth with Mylene he does a much better job at blending in than she does, disguising himself as a street vendor and doing an excellent job at it. The two of them then find Runo and Mira and defeat them (though Lync gets taken out in round 2), taking the Subterra Attribute Energy in the process.

InElfin On the Run, He is shown listing to Zenoheld when he asks who will get the Aquas energy.

In Avenging Spectra, Lync appears along with the rest of the Vexos when Spectra and Gus show up and threaten King Zenoheld to leave the brawlers alone. He then insults Spectra with the other Vexos telling Spectra he properly came to help the Bralwers. After this, when eating dinner, he compares Mylene and Shadow to his grandparents and laughs causing Mylene telling him to mind his own business. He then gets shocked when Gus takes Zenoheld hostage.

In Ambush, he is shown laughing at the bralwers attempts to travel in the palace. Lync battles alongside Shadow against Ace Grit and Marucho Marukura for the Darkus energy and succeeds thanks to the Vexos Trap Field helping out there Bakugan.

When the BT system is about to launch in Exodus he taunts the brawlers saying there is no way they would win. However, he gets proven wrong when Drago absorbed the energies causing Lync to want revenge.

In Fusion Confusion, he was shown watching Zenoheld punish Hydron after the BT system was destroyed much to his worry.

In Volt's Revolt, he hears Zenoheld introduce the Alternative and becomes slightly concerned. He later appeared again alongside the Vexos, except Volt who left the Vexos. At the end of the episode, he appeared along with the remaining Vexos after Volt was disposed of by Hydron, and listened to Zenoheld's warning that he would make them suffer the same fate should they betray him.

In Payback, Lync was in Clay's lab and left after Zenoheld ordered Mylene to get the Phantom Data from the Brawlers. Upon learning that the new Alternative Weapons System would destroy both Vestal and Earth, Lync decides to warn Alice of the impending danger after remembering how she helped him when he was stuck on Earth. He chose to betray the Vexos by heading into Professor Clay's lab, and saw the blueprints to Alternative Weapon System, and decided to make a copy of the data of it. When Professor Clay comes to his lab to work on the Alternative Weapon System, Lync chose to play dumb by attempting to convince Professor Clay to make a virus on the data, but Professor Clay refused, even warning Lync that King Zenoheld would punish him even worse than Volt's fate should he even suspect any betrayal of him. However, Lync changed the topic by claiming he was kidding. However, unknown to Professor Clay, Lync had snuck the copy and bragged that Professor Clay thought him dumb, but he was wrong. Afterward, He was confronted by Mylene Farrow, who asked him what he was doing, as they were supposed to be ready to fight brawlers. Lync was able to fool Mylene by claiming that he was helping Professor Clay with the Alternative Weapon System. Afterward, he teleported straight to Moscow.

As he does not want a "nice girl like Alice" to be one of the casualties of Earth's destruction, he heads to her house to warn her. Before entering he hesitates, thinking that she may still be mad at him for lying to her. He is then quickly interrupted by Hydron and loses to him in a brawl after a close battle. He ends up being sucked into a Death Bomb portal like Volt, but not before removing one of his gloves, with the alternative data for Alice to find, and throwing it away from the dimension portal. The last sight of Lync is his bare hand giving a thumbs-up.

In Mylene's Meltdown, Lync was mentioned by Zenoheld in the flashback when he remarks that the latter's betrayal has cost the Vexos precious time. Hydron later mentioned him after warning Mylene that he would make her suffer the same fate as him alongside Volt should she failed her mission. He was mentioned again by Baron after telling Mylene that he left a clue about the Alternative, as well as the flashback.

In An Heir To Spare, he appears twice in Hydron's dreams along with Volt, telling Hydron to defeat Zenoheld and take the throne.

In Final Fury, Hydron mentions him before the alternative weapon system explodes. It is probable that he meant that he was about to die and would join Volt and Lync, suggesting that the "alternate dimension" was a metaphor for death.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Lync brawls with Ventus Bakugan, though he only uses two real ones in the series, the other Bakugan he uses are Mechanical Bakugan.

  • Ventus Aluze (New Mechanical Guardian Bakugan, destroyed in episode 47)
  • Ventus Altair (Former mechanical Guardian Bakugan, destroyed in episode 11)
  • Ventus Wired (Former secondary Bakugan, destroyed in episode 11)
  • Ventus Fly Beetle
  • Ventus Atmos (taken by Dan)


  • Lync is the only member of the original six Vexos who has never used a Bakugan Trap.
  • His hairstyle is highly similar to that of Mira's.
  • Mira referred to Lync as "the baby who thinks he's cool in the English dub of Invasion of the Vestals. However, in the Japanese version of Facing Ace, Mira referred to Lync as "The Greatest Zephyros Brawler, the Supersonic Tempest Lync Volan" [ ゼフィロス最強のバトラ 音速の嵐 リンク・ボラン (Zefirosu Saikyou no Batora Onsoku no Arashi Rinku Boran) ].
  • He looks similar to Damian Hart from Beyblade Metal Masters and their style of clothing as well as personality is the same. Lync redeemed however while Damian did not. However, Lync has the same voice as Gingka Hagane in English.
  • In the Japanese version, Lync refers to Shadow as "Shadow-chan", a suffix that is commonly used for girls and denotes his superiority over Shadow. However, he could also be making fun of Shadow's effeminate/metrosexual traits.
  • Lync is the only character who isn't a Battle Brawler who calls Spectra by his real name, "Keith" other than Professor Clay. This also signifies the likeliness that Lync knew Spectra was Mira's brother from the beginning.
  • Lync Volan (LV) and Volt Luster (VL) have initials on other sides.
  • Lync's death scene is likely a homage to the death of the Terminator in Terminator II: Judgement Day.


Lync himself has never won any known battle without the help of the trap field or another Brawler, showing he is the weakest of the Vexos brawlers.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Vestal Bralwers Offscreen Win
Dan Kuso and Mira Fermin (Tag with Volt) 1 Lose
Mira Fermin 7 Lose (due to malfunction of Altair)
Unknown Brawlers (Tag with Volt) 8 Win (offscreen)
Unknown Brawlers (Tag with Volt) 8 Win (offscreen)
Shun Kazami and Ace Grit (Tag with Volt) 9 Lose
Baron Leltoy 11 Lose
Shun Kazami 30 Lose (due to Skyress)
Mira Fermin and Runo Misaki (Tag with Mylene) 34 Win (eliminated)
Ace Grit and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Shadow) 40 Win (due to trap field)
Hydron 47 Lose (due to Aluze being unable to fly)