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Luxtor (ラクスター, Rakustaa?) is a worm-like Bakugan. It is part of the BakuDouble Strike series. Although it is in the BakuDouble Strike series, there is no apparent double strike feature.



Luxtor unleashes a powerful deabilitating beam from his four eyes. He burrows into the ground to nullify the effects of a Gate Card. During battle, he will cover his whole body with a metallic shield to fend off an opponent's attack.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

In Final Fury, it was on a video Professor Clay watched from an unknown source, where it fought alongside Merlix and the other Neathian Bakugan.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

A Subterra Luxtor was used by Koji Beetle in The Visitor, where it fought against Fabia and her Jetro.

An army of Darkus Luxtors are seen brawling in The Secret Package.

In The Sacred Orb, a group of Haos Luxtors were seen defending Neathia from Sabator by spitting at him though said attack did no damage..

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

Taylean was seen defeating a Pyrus Luxtor in Bakugan Interspace near the end of Return to New Vestroia.

In A Royale Pain, a Subterra one was briefly seen before Krowll defeated it using Slicerix. Another one is seen in Evil Arrival, defeated by Radizen.

In Countdown to Doomsday, a Subterra one didn't know the location of Wiseman's hideout when questioned by Orbeum and Skytruss.

Ability Cards
  • Metal Break-Through: Nullifies the opponent's abilities and the opponent's Gate Cards. (Subterra)
  • Crush Cluster: Nullifies the opponent's ability and adds 200 Gs to Luxtor. (Subterra)
  • Eye-Rays Hammer (Subterra)
  • Halberd Impact (Darkus)

Luxtor's Victory Scream on Dimensions

Physical Game[]

The Ventus version has 820 Gs, 660 Gs or 730 Gs. The Haos version can have 880 Gs, or 700 Gs in a BakuTriad. The Darkus version has 800 Gs. The Aquos version found in a Brawler Game pack has 750 Gs. The Pyrus version has 720 Gs with an additional 30 Gs when it lands on a opponent’s Gate Card.