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I feel strange now that The Element is a part of me. I feel tapped into the entire universe...
Lumino Dragonoid, The Element

Lumino Dragonoid (Japanese Version: Blaze Dragonoid (ブレイズ・ドラゴノイド, Bureizu Doragonoido?)) is a humanoid, dragon-like Bakugan and is the evolution of Helix Dragonoid. He was Dan Kuso's Guardian Bakugan before evolving into Blitz Dragonoid. His Battle Gear is Explosix Gear.



Lumino Dragonoid partners with Dan in the Anime. He is a quadruple-winged evolved form of Drago and has a double bladed tail. Protecting his chest is a super strong v-neck armored plate, Lumino Dragonoid unleashes a powerful flame from his mouth and double charges it into a fearsome fireball.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

Lumino Dragonoid evolved from Helix Dragonoid after being given The Element by Neo Ziperator. He beats Rubanoid with one attack.[1]

He faces Contestir and an Evil Twin of Coredem and himself. He finishes Contestir off with his new Explosix Gear.[2]

He and the other Bralwers head to Neathia and learn about the Neathian-Gundalian War by Queen Serena. He was then first shown battling Gundalian Bakugan alongside Hawktor. He used blase fordem on a Subterra Glotronoid and a Pyrus Spidaro while Hawktor used bolting fang combat slug shot against some Farakspins. He and Dan met Barodius and Dharak and began to fight him in his Dharak Colossus form. with Dharak causing him a worthless lizard. Dharak uses thunder prob and causes him damage. He gets back up and continues the fight by using lumino hammer which Dharak counters by using thunder prob. Drago doges the attacks and lands a hit on dharak. His battle against Dharak is interrupted by the Sacred Orb, transporting Gundalians and hypnotized children back to Gundalia.[3]

In Battle For the Second Shield, he faced Phosphos and Lumagrowl with Shun Kazami as his partner. He beat Phosphos easily in round one and got attacked by Lumagrowl.

InPartners 'Til the End, He is shown accepting Dan's plan to use the orb to turn the other Twelve Orders away from Barodius. He later arrived to aid Hawktor in his battle with Krakix and Contestior using Blase fordem to free Haktor from Vicer's grasp. He and Hawktor put on their battle gear and attack using their battle gear abilities. They both land strong hits on their opponets. Drago takes out Contestior while Hawktor took out Krakix thus winning them the battle.

He battled Gundalian Bakugan alongside Aranaut, Akwimos, Coredem, Hawktor, and Neathian Bakugan beating them all. He later battled a kid named Koji using a new Mobile Assault Vehicle, Impalaton while tagging with Aranaut. He also receives a new Mobile Assault Vehicle, Raytheus. He and Aranaut beat Impalaton.[4]

His attempt to aid Linehalt in battle against Dharak costs him his battle against Dharak Colossus.[5] Later in battle he combines with Dragonoid Colossus, recently acquired by Dan.[6]

He evolved into Blitz Dragonoid as a result of battling Dragonoid Colossus.[7]


Ability Cards[]

  • Crossfire: Adds 300 Gs to Lumino Dragonoid.
  • Particle Wave: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Lumino Dragonoid.
  • Cross Fernum: Adds 500 Gs to Lumino Dragonoid.The user can also decide to only target one opponent, if there are two opponents on the field.
  • Lumino Wave (Blaze Wave): Nullifies the opponent's ability and Gate Card.
  • Lumino Fernum (Blaze Barnum): Subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent.
  • Lumino Reflector (Blaze Reflector): Nullifies the opponent's ability, Gate Card, and transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Lumino Dragonoid.
  • Lumino Hammer (Blaze Hammer): Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Hyper Reflector: Reflect's the opponent's ability.

Lumino Dragonoid's Victory Scream on Dimensions.

Physical Game[]

Lumino Dragonoid was released as part of the BakuMetalix Series. A second variation was released towards the end of the season with non-metallic features.

An Aquos version has 880 Gs, a Darkus version has 700 Gs and 820 Gs, a Haos version has 750 Gs or 800 Gs, a Pyrus version ranges from 780 Gs to 900, as well as 1180Gs, a Subterra version has 750 Gs and 780 Gs, and a Ventus version has 810 Gs and 900 Gs.

Lumino Dragonoid was also released as part of BakuStealth Series. The Pyrus BakuCamo version has 780 Gs.


  • It is the second evolution of Dragonoid in the show with 1000 G base number since Infinity Dragonoid.
  • Lumino Dragonoid's ball form is nearly identical to that of Helix Dragonoid's. The only major differences are extra side wings, extended horns, and lack of a neck joint.
    • Lumino does feature a neck joint, but it is not spring-loaded and seems to only be there for pose-ability purposes.