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Game Masters were administrators on Bakugan Dimensions who would come from time-to-time to tell users some rules about Bakugan Dimensions, and to make sure users are using proper behavior. There are many GMs (Game Masters), according to Lord Darkus. BrightLight comes in only on Thursday (4-5 PST, 7-8 EST) challenging brawlers, giving the chance to win a Clear Avior. They all have 1,200 G Power and 1,200 G power Bakugan. Game Masters has access to Bakugan that are not released or unreleased attributes of certain Bakugan.

List of Game Masters[]

  • Lord Darkus (Former Community Manager, now retired) (Now NPC in Stadium Control Room)
  • BrightLight (also a Community Manager)
  • GMAftershock
  • GMAura
  • GMEclipse
  • GMGloomy
  • GMQuake
  • GMRain
  • GMShadow
  • GMStorm
  • GMSunset
  • GMThunder
  • GMTornado
  • GMTyphoon
  • GMMonsoon
  • GMAvalanche (previously GMAvalance, but his name was fixed)
  • GMMashedPotato
  • GMPumpkinPie
  • GMYuleTide
  • GMAntimatter
  • GMImmolation
  • GMInferno