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The List of Bakugan Dimensions Terms was a list of terms used on Bakugan Dimensions.

Combo Attacks[]

Combos are a way to deal much more damage in one turn. There are three Combo terms: Combo Starts, Combo Continues and Combo Escapes.

Combo Starts[]

Combo Starts are used to start a combo. Though, a combo can't be started if the opponent's defense intercepts the attack.

Combo Continues[]

Combo Continues are used after a Combo Start. They are used to deal the extra damage. They will be lost, if the opponent uses a Combo Escape and the player uses them. They can be like Fusion Abilities.

Combo Escapes[]

Combo Escapes are used to escape a combo. A player sacrifices a move to escape it and take no damage from the combo.


Damage is how a player wins a brawl. There are two ways to deal damage: Attacks and Counter-Attacks. Damage is measured in four different measurements: Weak, Light, Heavy and Mega.

Weak Damage[]

Weak Damage is the lowest amount of damage that can be done. Two Weak Damage attacks equal one Light Damage attack. Three equal one Heavy Attack and four equal one Mega Attack.

Light Damage[]

Light Damage is the most common amount of damage. It equals two Weak Attacks. Two Light Damage attacks equal one Mega attack.

Heavy Damage[]

Heavy Damage is the second-most powerful type of damage. Very few Battle Gear/BakuNano/Special abilities equal that much damage without being a fast attack.

Mega Damage[]

Mega Damage is the most powerful type of damage. The only Battle Gear/BakuNano/Special ability that can deal Mega Damage is Blade Spin without an extra move/gate to make it more powerful.


Cooldown is required for most special abilities. It means you can't use that ability again until it is "cooled down". Abilities usually have a Cooldown of three turns. Special abilities like Mystic Spear and Multi-Weapon Attack have Cooldowns of two turns and the only two special abilities that don't require Cooldown are Merciless Strikes and Machine Gun.


G-Power is different on Bakugan Dimensions than in the Anime. It shows how powerful of attacks a Bakugan can use. For example, if a Bakugan has 640 Gs, they can use abilities as high as level 600.


Stats measure how powerful a Bakugan's attack can be. Stats are measured in Strength, Agility, and Willpower. For example, a Bakugan can have 500 Gs and about 187 Strength. If they use an attack that says "Light Strength Attack", it will be their Strength level plus 170, as that is the amount of damage for a weak attack at level 500.