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This is a List of Achievements on Bakugan Dimensions.

Code Achievements[]

  • Aquos Addict: Enter 9 Aquos DNA codes.
  • Aquos Aficiando: Enter 6 Aquos DNA codes.
  • Aquos Fan: Enter 3 Aquos DNA codes.
  • Assault Addict: Enter 9 Assault DNA codes.
  • Assault Aficiando: Enter 6 Assault DNA codes.
  • Assault Fan: Enter 3 Assault DNA codes.
  • Baku-Wealth: Enter a Bakucoin DNA code.
  • Battle Gear Addict: Enter 9 Battle Gear DNA Codes.
  • Battle Gear Afciando: Enter 6 Battle Gear DNA Codes.
  • Battle Gear Fan: Enter 3 Battle Gear DNA Codes.
  • Clear Addict: Enter 9 Clear DNA Codes.
  • Clear Aficiando: Enter 6 Clear DNA Codes.
  • Clear Fan: Enter 3 Clear DNA Codes.
  • Darkus Addict: Enter 9 Darkus DNA Codes.
  • Darkus Aficionado: Enter 6 Darkus DNA Codes.
  • Darkus Fan: Enter 3 Darkus DNA Codes.
  • Haos Addict: Enter 9 Haos DNA Codes.
  • Haos Aficionado: Enter 6 Haos DNA Codes.
  • Haos Fan: Enter 3 Haos DNA Codes.
  • Mobile Assault Addict: Enter 9 Mobile Assault DNA Codes.
  • Mobile Assault Aficionado: Enter 6 Mobile Assault DNA Codes.
  • Mobile Assault Fan: Enter 3 Mobile Assault DNA Codes.
  • Mobile Assault Tester: Enter a Mobile Assault DNA Code.
  • Proud BakuMeter Owner: Enter a BakuMeter DNA Code.
  • Pyrus Addict: Enter 9 Pyrus DNA Codes.
  • Pyrus Aficionado: Enter 6 Pyrus DNA Codes.
  • Pyrus Fan: Enter 3 Pyrus DNA Codes.
  • Subterra Addict: Enter 9 Subterra DNA Codes.
  • Subterra Aficionado: Enter 6 Subterra DNA Codes.
  • Subterra Fan: Enter 3 Subterra DNA Codes.
  • The Power of Darkus: Enter a Darkus Colossus Bakugan DNA Code.
  • The Power of Pyrus: Enter a Pyrus Colossus Bakugan DNA Code.
  • Ventus Addict: Enter 9 Ventus DNA Codes.
  • Ventus Aficionado: Enter 6 Ventus DNA Codes.
  • Ventus Fan: Enter 3 Ventus DNA Codes.



  • Quest Completed!: Complete 1 Quest.
  • Just a Few things...: Complete 10 Quests.
  • Things to do, People to See: Complete 20 Quests.


  • A Guy Like You: Defeat Jake in a brawl.
  • A Real Achievement - Defeat Owen in a brawl.
  • Boss Battle: Defeat Barodius in a brawl.
  • Your sister's next...: Defeat Shira in a brawl.
  • Who's side are you on: Defeat Nurzak in a brawl.
  • Keep on Brawling: Defeat Lord Darkus in a brawl.
  • For Neathia: Defeat Kazarina in a brawl.
  • Bakugan Kung-Fu: Defeat Jonas in a brawl.
  • Bakugan Gourmet: Defeat Timothy in a brawl.
  • Bakugan Muse: Defeat Luis in a brawl.
  • Believe It: Defeat Poppy in a brawl.
  • Better than the web: Defeat Martin in a brawl.
  • Ninja Skills: Defeat Shun in a brawl.
  • The Twelve Orders Pyrus: Defeat Gill in a brawl.
  • The Twelve Orders Ventus: Defeat Airzel in a brawl.
  • Twin Destruction: Defeat Kit in a brawl.