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The Bakugan Administrators (or admins) were people, who work for SpinMaster in the Bakugan Department. The Battle Masters handled special events and tournaments. The Bakugan Dimensions Game Masters managed the online game. LordDarkus, BrightLight, and Konata manage the Official Bakugan Community. BrightLight also hosts Spin Masters Bakugan Official videos on YouTube where she showcases the new wave Bakugan.

General Bakugan Battle Masters

  • Luke Peterschmidt (creator of Bakugan)
  • Battle Master Ray
  • Battle Master Henry
  • Battle Master Colin
  • Battle Master Cartson
  • Battle Master Todd
  • Battle Master Josh
  • Battle Mistress Donna

Bakugan Dimensions Game Masters

  • LordDarkus-LVL 1200: RETIRED
  • BrightLight-LVL 1200: Haos Merlix 1200G, Haos Aranaut 293G, Haos Lumitroid 1200G, Haos Mystic Chancer (and Twin Destructor) 1200G, Haos Lumagrowl 1200G and Vilantor Gear, Haos Rubanoid and Twin Destructor both 1200G
  • GMTyphoon-LVL 1200 - RETIRED
  • GMBlaze-LVL 1200:
  • GMThunder-LVL 1200
  • GMAura/GMYuleTide-LVL 1200
  • GMRain-LVL 1200
  • GMGloomy-LVL 1200
  • GMTornado-LVL 1200
  • GMQuake-LVL 1200
  • GMThunder-LVL 1200
  • GMStorm-LVL 1200
  • GMShadow-LVL 1200
  • GMEclipse-LVL 1200
  • GMSunset-LVL 1200
  • GMAftershock-LVL 1200

Bakugan Community Managers

  • LordDarkus: RETIRED
  • BrightLight
  • Konata: RETIRED

    BrightLight on BD

  • PyrusForce

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GM Storm and GM Rain


LordDarkus on BD