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Linehalt (Japanese version Reinhard, ラインハルト?, Rainharuto) is a fiend/knight-like Bakugan and Ren Krawler's Guardian Bakugan in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders and Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. He possessed a Forbidden Power to be cursed with as a Dark Bakugan. His Battle Gear is Boomix.


Linehalt partners with Ren. Bonded as tight as a family, they share both their memories and fierce dreams. Linehalt is an exceptional young warrior who has lived in the dark underground of Gundalia. Using a green stone in the palm of his hand, Linehalt absorbs and nullifies the attacks of his enemies. He is said to have a 'forbidden power'.[1]

Bakugan Dimensions

Linehalt is an exceptional young warrior who has lived in the dark underground of Gundalia and is said to have a "forbidden power." He uses a stone in the palm of his hand to absorb the attacks of his enemies.[2]


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

He first appeared battling Helix Dragonoid in Bakugan Interspace. He lost the first round, and gave Drago some trouble in round 2 causing him to win. The overall battle ended in a draw because Marucho had to evacuate and shut down the battle arena because the battle energy was too intense, which would have destroyed the system. He is a real Bakugan, which is proven when at the end of episode 5 he was talking to Ren about the previous battle between Sid and Zenet.[3]

He and Drago face off against Sid and Zenet's Bakugan, Rubanoid and Contestir. He purposely loses both rounds due to Ren's plan to cause Dan to lose. This causes Drago to lose the fight. However Sid doesn't take Drago due to the battle being unfair.[4]

After Ren got exposed as a trader, Linehalt fought the digital Akwimos and Gigarth with Boomix and managed to win the first round by using Ice Crasher on Akwimos, but lost the second, third and the battle due to Gigarth's power. He was then alongside Ren when he changed into his true Gundalian form and revealed to the brawlers his true identity as a talking Bakugan which shocks Jake while telling Drago that he's next.[5]

He retold the story of how he was the last of his kind, the Dark Bakugan, who were banished to the underground of Gundalia. It is where he met Ren as he was meant to be the next protector of Linehalt. He was against the idea of this as Ren was very afraid of Linehalt and it was not till he saved Ren from falling that the two eventually became close friends who bonded while underground. He also revealed that although he has a "Forbidden Power", he has no idea how to use it.[6]

He battled Hawktor and Neo Ziperator alongside Plitheon. He had a brief skirmish with Hawktor. After Plitheon lost in round 1 he used Boomix to attack Neo's shield. He took out Hawktor but Neo took him out with Metal Destruction. In round 2 he and Plitheon put them on the ropes but when Hawktor dogged his blast he attacked Linehalt causing him to lose. but Plitheon won the brawl with his Battle Gear by taking both Hawktor and Neo out.[7]

He battled Coredem and Aranaut alongside Plitheon. Plitheon won the first round by himself. After Coredem gave his partner a hard time he joined the brawl in round 2 and battled Aranaut. Coredem used Rock Hammer to take both him and Plitheon down. In round 3 he and Plitheon use a double attack against the Neathian Bakugan the battle ended up in failure, no matter how hard Ren was brawling.[8]

He battled alongside Sabator against Aranaut and Akwimos. He and Akwimos fight one on one in the first round which he loses. The next round has everyone use their battle gear, but the battle was cut short due to the Sacred Orb getting angry.[9]

Linehalt has suggested Ren that they will reconsider their loyalty to the Twelve Orders as they have shown them none. but Ren refuses[10]

He battled alongside Rubanoid against Lumino Dragonoid. At first he just brawled Drago one on one with Boomix, but had trouble with Drago's Explosix Gear. Rubanoid arrived to aid Linehalt, but all Bakugan ended up losing round 1. In the second round Dan brought out Jakalier for Drago to use causing him and Rubanoid to pull out there battle gear. Drago than departed and used his battle gear. The attacks all hit but him and Rubanoid lost despite it being 2 on 1.[11]

He made an appearance where he and Ren betrayed Barodius by not finishing Drago and Dan off. He used Boomix to attack Dharak Colossus as well.[12]

He continues the battle against Dharak where he took out Exokor Riptor and Smashtor before getting attacked by Dharak losing round one. In the second round he and Dharak appear evenily matched. But after Barodius taunted him to much he unleashes his Forbidden Power it is revealed that it threatens Neathia and awakens Dragonoid Colossus, the Sacred Orb's last defense, which defeats both Dharak and Linehalt, stopping his rampage but not before he severely damaged the Gundalian forces.[13]

He battled against Aranaut to prove Ren's loyalty to the Neathians. The first round he battled Aranaut with both of them pulling out there battle gear. But lost due to losing energy from unleashing his Forbidden Power. Second round he switched places with Rubanoid to rest but still ended up losing at the end but was accepted by Fabia and became a member of the Castle Knights.[14]

He attacked Gundalia's castle and battled against Krakix and a head to head clash. He used his saber to block Karxix battle gear.[15]

He retreats from his battle with Krakix and meets up with the rest of his team for a showdown against the Gundalians.[16]

He battles Lumagrowl, Krakix, Strikeflier, and Lythirus alongside Aranaut, Akwimos, Coredem, Hawktor, and Blitz Dragonoid. He used Rasen Breaker to attack Lythirus and throw him back. They win the battle and retreat to Neathia to stop Barodius.[17]

He battles a hypnotized Plitheon up in the sky until Kazarina's hypnosis wears off and Plitheon joins the Castle Knights.[18]

He battled Phantom Dharak, Strikeflier, Lythirus and other Gundalian Bakugan alongside Rubanoid, Phosphos, Plitheon, Raptorix, Contestir, Akwimos, Hawktor, Coredem, Blitz Dragonoid, Dragonoid Colossus and other Neathian Bakugan and was joined later by Sabator, Aranaut and Avior. He and Phosphos defeated some Impalatons with ease. He fought against Phantom Dharak alongside Coredem, Akwimos, Hawktor, and Drago, but was defeated with one hit after he refused to use his forbidden power on Dharak.[19]

He finally understands what his Forbidden Power should be used for and uses it to heal the battle-damaged Neathia. He also seems to grow angel wings. Later, he says goodbye to Akwimos, Marucho, and the others before he, Nurzak and the rest of the Gundalians head back to Gundalia.[20]

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

Linehalt reappeared during flashbacks from previous episodes.[21]

He appeared again, where he fought against Chaos Bakugan and Razenoid with Titanium Dragonoid, Taylean,Infinity Trister, Wolfurio, and Boulderon. He used razen breaker to attack and beat Flash Ingrams. They all lost to Razenoid. [22]

Linehalt was briefly seen using Bolting Vibra against some Chaos Bakugan.[23]

Linehalt brawled multiple Chaos Bakugan along Aranaut and two Aquos Splights, making his final appearance.[24]

Ability Cards
  • Bolting Vibra: Nullifies the opponent's ability and subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.
  • Dispel Closer: Absorbs the opponent's ability.
  • Darkness Blizzard (Darkus Blizzard): Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Dark Saber: Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.
  • Razen Breaker (Shock Breaker): Adds 400 Gs to Linehalt.
  • Ice Crasher (Ice Breaking in the Jap. version ): Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card.
  • Dark Javelin: Subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent and adds 400 Gs to Linehalt.
  • Gigarth Ray (Geass Ray in the Jap. version): Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent.
Fusion Ability Cards
  • Twist Bow (Boomerang Bow): Subtracts 200 Gs from each opponent. (Dark Saber must be activated in order to use this ability)
  • Break Garret: Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Linehalt. (Dark Javelin must be activated in order to use this ability)

Note: Break Garret was only shown in the original Japanese version of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. It was deleted in the English dub due to being too violent for kids.

Physical Game

Linehalt was released in August in Wave 3. The Subterra version from the Target Combat Set is 800 Gs (with a Gold Boomix 80 Gs). In the anime, his wings are a different shape and his legs had another segment, both features being absent in the toy.

The Ventus version has 800 Gs and 650 Gs. The Pyrus version has 850 Gs. The Darkus version has 800 and 750 Gs. The Aquos BakuBlue version has 880 Gs. The Subterra BakuTriad version has 830 Gs. Another Subterra version has 640 Gs.


  • On Japanese websites, his name is sometimes romanized as Reinhardt.
  • He is based on the Manga character Devilman.