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Lightning Unleashed is the forty-second episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Lightning uncovers the Mind Core Cell buried beneath the earth and battles Strata the Hunter in order to protect its secret.


The AAAnimus scientists and soldiers continue to research the power of the Core Cell site, while Lightning wakes up from his sleep. Lightning is searching for good places to sleep, in the past few days he has slept in a vacant house and a park bench. At the park, Dan is training by doing sit-ups and push-ups, being humiliated after not evolving Drago and ended up being saved by Magnus at the volcano. Lightning notices Dan looks upset and brings him his favorite bone, but Dan believes Lightning is hungry, so he gives him a sandwich. Lightning begins to smell a familiar scent, which is The Maze. He sniffs and runs into the Burger Joint owner and has a burger.

Lightning continues to walk towards the faraway maze, meeting the Rowdy Reds, a poodle, digging a hole, and watching a juggler. He eventually gets close and hears a sound, spotting a portal, but Lightning and his Bakugan overhear Kravitz. AAAnimus has set up a device connected the world to The Maze to the Core Cell so Philomena Dusk can have it. Lightning tells Phaedrus that they need to tell Dan and the others about AAAnimus’ plans, but Strata notices a screw, believing it to be something special. Strata turns his head and spots that enemy dog Lightning. Not wanting Lightning to leave, Strata activates the drome and initiates a fight. Lightning battles with Howlkor, Artulean, and Phaedrus against Strata’s Krakelios and two Skorporos. Lightning previously had trouble and got a beating last time. Artulean and Phaedrus get pummeled by Strata’s Krakelios and his Skoporos, but Lightning’s Bakugan say they are still in it. Strata says the two Bakugan are trying so hard, and activates Skorporos' Darkus Slicer and Tail Sweep, which defeat Artulean and Phaedrus. Lightning is now at a disadvantage, 1v3.

Strata tells Howlkor he should partner with him instead of a loser dog as a partner. Howlkor disagrees, Lightning isn’t a human, he might be a little lazy and he sleeps all the time, but there is no partner like him. Lightning shows his Bakugan the world, he is loyal to them in the end. Lightning then goes in front of Howlkor to protect him, he then grabs a BakuCore, which radiates with energy, activating Darkus Evolution. Howlkor evolves into Hyper Howlkor, growing another head! Strata tells Lightning that they can’t intimidate him, Lightning uses Force Reduction to swallow Krakelios’ Tidal Wave attack. Strata’s two Skorporos launch an attack but Hyper Howlkor throws them back. Hyper Howlkor uses Prism Thunder, Strata counters with Aquos Shield, but Hyper Howlkor’s attack is too powerful, defeating all three of Strata’s Bakugan. Strata loses the battle and runs away. Back at Studio D, Lia, Wynton, and Shun talk about the newest burger at the burger joint, a burger with a bun that uses pizza slices, when they stumble upon a sleeping Lightning, they say they it would be nice to be a dog, sleeping and doing nothing all day.

Featured Brawls

  • Lightning (Howlkor, Artulean, Phaedrus) vs. Strata the Hunter (Krakelios and Skorporoses) = Lightning wins

Characters Debut

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Bakugan Debut

  • Hyper Howlkor

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  • This episode has Lightning speak with actual words rather than his barking sounds, only the viewer and Lightning’s Bakugan can understand what he is saying.
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