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Lightning (ライトニング, Raitoningu?) is a French bulldog character in Bakugan Battle Planet. He uses Darkus Bakugan, & his Guardian Bakugan is Howlkor.


A French Bulldog, Lightning sports a collar that allows him to carry & launch his own Bakugan. All kids filming prank videos need a lookout & for the Awesome Ones that lookout is Lightning. A stray found lingering in the back alley of Dan’s home, Lightning has become their unofficial mascot. A happy, dumpy, sleepy French Bulldog who often co-stars with Dan, Lightning isn’t quite as fast as his name might suggest, but he’s good for a “YAP” when trouble is coming. Lightning is the best dog in the world... & that was before the kids discovered that he could fight alongside them with Bakugan! That’s right, a dog— one very special dog— has his own Bakugan & uses them in battle with his human friends! During downtime, Lightning is usually sleeping, eating, or playing with the Bakugan roaming around Dan’s house. But when trouble rears its head, Lightning snaps into warrior mode & can brawl with the best of them! Lightning is a dog, & yes, it’s a little wacky that a dog is an active part of Dan’s team, but as an animal, he has a different relationship with Bakugan than any human could ever hope to have. His animal instincts can mean the difference between success & defeat for the whole team. And no, Lightning does NOT talk— at least not in any way humans can understand. But his loyalty to his friends--human & Bakugan alike--give his partners faith in his abilities... Even if he does occasionally bury a Bakugan in the backyard.



Bakugan: Battle Planet

Bakugan: Armored Alliance





Bakugan Battle Planet

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas (Flashback) 2 No Outcome
Magnus Black (Tag with Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles & Lia Venegas) 2 Win
Dan Kouzo 7 Win
Magnus Black (Tag with Dan Kouzo) 11 No Outcome
The Exit Team (Tag with the The Awesome Ones) 12 Win
The Exit Team (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 13 Win
Wynton Styles 14 No Outcome
Magnus Black (Tag with Wynton Styles, Lia Venegas & Shun Kazami) 16 Win
Strata the Hunter (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 27 Win
Strata the Hunter (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 33 Win
Strata the Hunter 42 Win
The Exit Team (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 43 Draw
Masato Kazami, Toshi, Koda & Keiko (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 47 Win
Col. Armstrong Tripp & 2 Unknown Brawlers (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 48 Win
Col. Armstrong Tripp (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 50 Lose
Col. Armstrong Tripp (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 51-52 Win
Philomena Dusk (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 52 Win
Magnus Black 62 Lose
Magnus Black (Tag with The Awesome Ones) 72 Lose
Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles, Lia Venegas & Shun Kazami 75 Win



  • In the first promotional picture, Lightning looked as though he was holding either a Ventus or Aurelus Bakugan, misleading many that he would be a Brawler of either these Attributes.
  • Lightning is the first ever animal & non-human brawler to use Bakugan. (Not counting the alien Brawlers, as they were humanoid.)
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