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For the Bakugan in the Battle Planet series, see Leonidas (Battle Planet).

Leonidas (レオニダス, Reonidasu?) is a one-of-a-kind dragon-like Bakugan who was born in the Doom Dimension in the Bakugan Video Game. He can be any Attribute the player wants.


He has three horns, two over his ears and one in the middle of his muzzle. He has three toes on each foot. He has three fingers on each hand. His tail is long and ends in an arrow. He also has three stripes on his feet.


Leonidas was born when Hal-G creates an orb that is as powerful as the Silent Core. In the game, Naga takes the Silent Core from the Center of Vestroia and thus unleashed Vladitor from the Doom Dimension. The player finds Leonidas after Dan Kuso teaches him how to play. In the beginning, Leonidas was always aggressive in fighting and didn't care who his opponents were as long as he got to fight. Later on, though, Leonidas warms up to the player, and they become great friends. Even though he was born from the Doom Dimension to hold hatred towards other Bakugan, Drago trusts him.

Video Game

Early on in the game, the Battle Brawlers start recognizing Leonidas's brutal battle style, Runo and Marucho are both against Leonidas. However, Dan sticks up for Leonidas, as does the player. Not too long after, Dan is attacked by a 'mysterious' Bakugan and brawler who use dirty tactics, Leonidas is instantly blamed by the Battle Brawlers, but the player again defends his partner, claiming to 'trust' Leonidas, something that takes the Bakugan by surprise. After the next tournament, Marduk appears and the mysterious Bakugan is revealed to be Vladitor. Runo said, “Every Bakugan I asked has never heard of Leonidas.”

After battling Battle Ax Vladitor he then sees everyone to a battle tournament area in the Doom Dimension which drains everyone but Leonidas' power. He then evolves into Omega Leonidas, with the help of Drago, Tigrerra, Gorem, Skyress, Preyas and Preyas Angelo/Diablo by giving their Bakugan energy to him to defeat a newly evolved Battle Ax Vladitor. In the end, the both of them died after the player wins. But not long after, Leonidas was revived because Vladitor gave the remaining energy he had to him since he felt that Leonidas deserved it more than he did.

Ability Cards
  • Alpha Blaster: Adds 200 Gs to Leonidas.


  • In SpinMaster's Create-A-Bakugan contest, one of three winning entries was named Leonidas.
  • Leonidas is the only Bakugan not created by Code Eve.