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You're going to regret having ever set foot in Neathia. Especially once I rip the Element... from the guts of that lizard!

Lena Isis (リーナ・アイシス, Rina Aishisu?) is an Aquos Brawler from Gundalia and part of the Gundalian Agents. She is partnered with Phosphos and is part of Ren's team to infiltrate Bakugan Interspace.


Lena is a Gundalian tactician who has a close relationship with her Bakugan partner, Phosphos, as demonstrated when Kazarina was about to dispose of her; knowing what would happen, Phosphos ambushed Kazarina, though Lumagrowl easily defeated him. While she is usually subdued and quiet, she becomes rather arrogant in battle.

Although she was once loyal to Barodius, after Kazarina put her under hypnosis and used her as a tool she attacked Neathia with Jesse Glenn and Zenet, once she was freed, she had no qualms about switching to the other side to get back at Barodius. She gets along with her friend and tag partner, Zenet Surrow.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

She first appeared in Revelation, with Sid Arkale where they asked to kids to battle them in order to recruit them into into their army. When they refused the Brawlers confronted them causing her to battle alongside Sid against Dan Kuso and Marucho Marukura, she beat Marucho, but was beaten by Drago's powered-up JetKor attack.

In Confrontation, Ren's team managed to recruit some high-ranked players by using their non-Guardian Bakugan and lost, thus proving they were powerful players. She and Mason Brown then brought the two kids back to Barodius and Kazarina to be hypnotized. Later she asked Mason if Sid and Zenet were ok while in Gundalia.

In True Colours, she mocked Ren Krawler, saying how well he fit into the Brawlers, much to his anger. Ren tells him that he is the leader of the Gundalian Agents and will report anything to Barodius.

She reappears in Hostile Takeover with Ren's team, kidnapping battlers for Barodius before being confronted by the Brawlers. She, Zenet, Jesse, and Ren leave while Sid and Mason stay behind with two brawlers named Taylor and Casey to battle Dan, Shun, Jake, and Marucho

In Escape From Darkness, she and Zenet Surrow battled Fabia Sheen and Avatar Marucho. Lena took the first move and was clever enough to realize that the second Aranaut was a digital clone, but failed to realize Marucho was an avatar until Ren revealed it to them. When the real Marucho appeared, Lena looked surprised.

In The Scared Orb, her real form was shown during a talk with the Emperor where he and the other Twelve Orders punished her team (except Sid) for failing to get the Brawler's to join them.

In Battle For the Second Shield, after Airzel and Stoica fail to prevent the Bralwers from reaching the second shield, Lena and Kazrina head to the shield generator. Here, Kazarina tells Lena she must prove herself. She and Kazarina fought against Shun Kazami to prevent him from raising the second shield, but Lena quickly lost to Shun in both round 1 and 2, while Kazarina lost to both Dan and Shun. The two gundalians then retreat before they get trapped on Neathia. Afterwards, remembering Gill's warning that Kazarina would punish her if she lost, Lena attempts to have Phosphos ambush Kazarina, to no avail as Lumagrowl easily takes Phosphos down. For both her failure and her insubordination, Kazarina disposes of her. Ren later apologizes to Lena for her fate, after overhearing Kazarina and Gill's conversation.

During Sid Returns, she was revealed to be alive, along with Sid, Jesse, and Zenet, trapped in Kazarina's laboratory. However, only Sid escaped.

Later, she made an appearance alongside Jesse and Zenet, hypnotized by Kazarina in Redemption where they aid her and Stoica in fighting Fabia and Nurzak. They later fled along with Kazarina when Lythirus flooded the arena using Death End Merman.

The three were briefly shown in Final Strike, kneeling before Emperor Barodius, who is about to depart on an invasion to Neathia.

She was seen with Jesse and Zenet in the Gundalian army attacking Neathia and its people in Dream Escape

She was seen battling against Neathians alongside Jesse, Zenet and many Gundalian Soldiers. They beat Elright and the Castle Knights in Gundalian Showdown

In Broken Spell, she is shown battling against Jake Vallory. However, after Kazarina was killed by Gill, she was freed from her hypnosis. Afterwards, she, Jesse, and Zenet offer to help fight Barodius, which Captain Elright accepts.

In Code Eve, she and Phosphos are shown hiding behind Neathian buildings. She was about to use the ability Gorgon Viper when Phosphos was defeated by Phantom Dharak. Later, she, Zenet and Jesse reunite again with Mason and Nurzak.

In Destiny Revealed, she returns to Gundalia with Ren, Mason, Zenet, Jesse and Nurzak, after Dan emerges victorious against Barodius,.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders


  • She is the only Gundalian Agent to have her hair match her attribute, inversely, Stoica, a major Twelve Order, with the same attribute, does not match with the color of his hair.
  • She is quite similar to Kazarina in scientific knowledge, but lacks any skill in hypnosis and is not nearly as manipulative or self-serving as Kazarina is.
  • She greatly resembles Nanao Ise from Bleach, with similar glasses and hairstyle in human form.
  • She also resembles Rebecca a character from the movie Pokémon Destiny Deoxys as they have similar hairstyles, wear glasses, wear similar outfits, and both use a blue colored monster.
  • She also holds somewhat of a resemblance to Kiyoko Shimizu from Haikyu!!
  • Her last name is very similar to the word oasis, which is a fertile spot in a desert where water is found.
  • She and Zenet seem to be good friends, probably because they are the only female members of Ren's team.
  • Her last name, Isis, is the name of the Egyptian goddess that represents a good wife and mother, and who also is in control of the underworld along with her husband.
  • Lena is the only minor Twelve Orders member to not participate in a one-on-one brawl although she did brawl Jake one on one when she was hypnotized.
  • She and Mylene Farrow resemble each other; both are Aquos brawler villains with blue hair, are smart with a bossy attitude, are 18 years old in their respective seasons, and are good friends with another member of their respective groups (Lena with Sid and Mylene with Volt). However, Mylene remained loyal to Zenoheld, while Lena would eventually side with the Brawlers over Barodius.
  • She is the only Gundalian and female character who wears glasses, though they are less noticeable in her true form.
    • Her glasses are Quevedo style glasses.
  • Lena and Jesse are the only ones to leave something behind after being disposed of. Lena's glasses are left after Kazarina attacks her and Jesse leaves behind his book.
  • She may like Mason, because she told him her worries for Sid in Confrontation, and in Code Eve, when she sees that Nurzak and Mason Brown were still alive, she is more surprised for Mason than Nurzak and puts her hand in her chest as she stares at him.
  • She is good friends with Sid, because she is worried more about Sid instead of thinking about Zenet too. However, in the Japanese version, she is worried about both Sid and Zenet.
  • She and Soon are alike with their battling characteristics, personality, and hair style.


Lena has won four battles, and is the only Gundalian to not have a solo match. She is smart and can use her abilities to turn the tables on an opponent, but she becomes too arrogant and her plans always backfire.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Castle Knights (Tag with the Twelve Orders and Gundalian Agents) Offscreen Win
Dan Kuso and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Sid) 2 Lose
Unknown Darkus and Subterra Brawlers (Tag with Mason) 5 Lose (Deliberate)
Fabia Sheen and Avatar Marucho (Tag with Zenet) 10 Win
Shun Kazami and Dan Kuso (Tag with Kazarina) 17 Lose
Kazarina 17 Lose (due to Lumagrowl surprise attacking)
Nurzak and Fabia Sheen (Tag with Kazarina, Stoica, Zenet and Jesse) 32 Win (retreated)
Castle Knights, Captain Elright, and Linus Claude (Tag with Zenet,Jesse, and multiple Gundalian Soldiers) 35-36 Win
Jake Vallory 37 No Outcome (got free from Hypnosis)
Barodius, Stoica, Airzel, and multiple Gundalian Soldiers (Tag with the Battle Brawlers, Gundalian Agents (except Sid), the Castle Knights, and Nurzak) 37-38 Lose