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Krakix (クラックス, Kurakkusu?) is a samurai-like Bakugan. He is the Guardian Bakugan of Gill in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. His Battle Gear is Vicer. Until He, Gill, Airzel and Strikeflier were killed by Barodius and Phantom Dharak.



Krakix is partners with Gill of the Twelve Orders. He wears a big suit of armor that can generate fire swords from both of his hands. He carries a gigantic ninja star on his back. His offensive and defensive skills are increased by gigantic flames which he fires from his mouth. Krakix’ fighting style is hard-fist, dynamic, and brutal. He attacks with no mercy.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Krakix first appears briefly in Final Fury, embedded in the footage Professor Clay received from an unknown source. He was at war alongside Lumagrowl, Strikeflier, Sabator, Lythirus, and Dharak battling the Castle Knights Bakugan and beating them all.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

In A New Beginning, Krakix makes a second appearance in the background of Dan's vision, fighting the Castle Knights Bakugan alongside the rest of the Twelve Orders Bakugan.

He also appears in a flashback in Revelation when Ren lies to the Battle Brawlers that Neathia invaded Gundalia.

He reappears in Exposed, in a flashback when Marucho Marukura and Ren Krawler were talking about the Neathian-Gundalian War.

In The Secret Package, he makes his physical debut with Strikeflier and Lumagrowl, during their combined effort to destroy the Neathians' first security shield. They defeated Raptorix and the rest of the Castle Knights.

In The Element, after Rubanoid assumes his Bakugan form to attack Barodius in retaliation to his insults, Krakix ambushes him from behind, knocking Rubanoid unconscious thus beating him in battle.

In The Sacred Orb, he and the other Twelve Orders Bakugan attempt to take down the second shield by going into battle. He ends up using Deadly Inferno and beats a Haos Merlix and a Haos Splight. He and Gill end up facing Captain Elright and his Haos Raptorix, in a neck-to-neck fight. Raptorix uses High ENT Spinner which he blocks by using Deadly Inferno causing damage to his opponent. The fight looks even until The Sacred Orb intervenes and returns the Gundalians to their home.

In Partners Til' The End, Krakix and Gill lead an effort in gaining data about the Neathians' remaining defenses. He beats some Castle Knight Bakugan. Following Contestir's failure to defend him from airborne attacks by Hawktor, Krakix is forced to abandon the shield and join in the battle to aid Contestir. Krakix quickly manages to immobilize Hawktor with Vicer, only to be waylaid by Lumino Dragonoid, who frees his ally and turns the tables against Krakix and Contestir. After losing the battle, Krakix leads Contestir outside of Gill's ship and defeats him in an almost successful attempt to kill his fellow Gundalian.

In Colossus Dharak, after Kazarina announces that she has finished upgrading Exokor, the rest of the Twelve Orders attack the Neathians in order to clear the path for Dharak Colossus to destroy the second shield. He joins the battle and aids Lythirus by using Deadly Inferno on Coredem and Akwimos while Lythirus uses his battle gear abilities on them causing them damage.

In Dragonoid Colossus, He battles Coredem where Gill puts Vicer on him. Krakix and Coredem both use their battle gear abilities on each other. But his power proves stronger and thus his lasers knock Coredem out winning him the battle. He and the others retreat when Linehalt uses his powers.

In Into the Storm, Krakix beats Castle Knights and successfully scans the third shield only to discover its DNA encryption, which prevents any Gundalian from passing through.

In Infiltrated, he battles Hawktor and Akwimos with minor assistance from Airzel and Strikeflier. Krakix manages to defeat both opponents with a Level 2 Battle Gear ability after Strikeflier is blindsided.

In Final Strike, Krakix and Gill successfully locate the Brawlers again and attempt to kill them before they can send out any Bakugan. Linehalt intervenes and initiates a battle between the two, which the Gundalian turncoat later flees in Dream Escape.

In Gundalian Showdown, he fought Blitz Dragonoid, Hawktor, Akwimos, Linehalt, Coredem, and Aranaut along with Strikeflier, Lumagrowl, and Lythirus. Despite being badly outnumbered, the four Gundalian Bakugan hold their own until Blitz Dragonoid defeats them one at a time, excluding Lumagrowl.

In Code Eve, he attempts to prevent Sabator, Aranaut and Avior from escaping Gundalia. Avior and Aranaut battle him and knock him down, allowing for the others to elude Krakix's attacks and flee to Neathia. He and Gill follow and join the battle shortly thereafter, with both eventually falling victim to a deliberate fatal blow from Barodius and Phantom Dharak.

Ability Cards
  • Argon Stream: Adds 500 Gs to Krakix.
  • Deadly Inferno: Subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent and adds 400 Gs to Krakix.
  • Gaia Exclamation
  • Samurai Shield: Nullifies the opponent's ability and adds 400 Gs to Krakix.
  • Deadly Nebulous

Krakix's Victory Scream on Dimensions.

Physical Game

Krakix was released in Wave 2 of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. It was released alongside Hakapoid, Lumino Dragonoid, Aranaut, Akwimos, and Sabator. Krakix is Battle Gear compatible and can fold its arms down to accommodate a large range of gear.

The Haos version has 750 Gs. The Pyrus version has 650 Gs in BakuTriad, 800 Gs in BakuBoost, 670 Gs, 780 Gs, or a much rarer 850 Gs. The translucent Pyrus version has 750 Gs. The BakuStealth Darkus version has 790 Gs. The Darkus comes in 670 Gs, 650 Gs in Brawler Game Packs, or 800 Gs. The Ventus version has 620 or 640 Gs in BakuTriad. The Subterra version has 680 Gs.


  • Krakix is the only Bakugan in the anime whose ball form, when equipping Battle Gear, did not need to fold any parts down to adapt to it.
  • The reason for Krakix's lack of speech in the anime is never specified, though his only spoken word was 'Understood', in response to a command from Gill in Partners 'Til the End. In the Japanese dub, this never occurs.
  • Krakix emits sounds very similar to Chewbacca from Star Wars.